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UPDATED: The Attack Basketball Club has announced details on their upcoming tryouts for the 2017-18 season. 

Attack Basketball will be holding their final tryouts this week for the following age groups:

  • 2006 Boys Thursday September 14th, from 7pm-8pm
  • 2005 Boys Thursday September 14th, from 8pm-9pm
  • 2004 Boys Friday September 15th, from 9pm-10pm
  • 2006/07 Girls Friday September 15th, from 6pm-7pm
  • 2004/05 Girls Friday September 15th, from 7pm-8pm

All tryouts to be held at Amber Trails Community School.

Updated Club Team Tryout Information:

Friday August 11th 
2004/2005 Girls 8pm @ Amber Trails
2004 Boys 8pm @ Leila North
2006/2007 Girls 8pm @ Amber Trails 
2006 Boys 8pm @ Leila North 
2005 Boys 8pm @ Leila North 
2007/2008 Boys 8pm @ Amber Trails 

Cost: $20

More details on the program can be found at
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