This drill is easy and can be done with as little as two players! Read below to see how you can add a creative component to make it FUN for younger players.
The video demonstrates 4 variations of pivots after a quick stop. This move can be useful in many game situations.
To begin, have players stand in a line with one basketball. If there are more than four players, consider making numerous lines. You could even do this drill in partners – your choice.
The first players are to dribble forward to a specified line on the court where they will have to do a quick stop and pivot. You can use the lines of the key as a guideline.
They will then pass to the next person, and run to the back of the line. For younger players try to add some creative components to make it FUN. For example, have them pretend to be a train or car where they have to dribble along a line pretending it is their track (or road). They have to come to an emergency stop and turn around, where they will practice their quick stop and pivot. They must then pass the basketball to the next player in line. Passing the ball is as if they are passing the keys to their train (or car) for the next person to drive their vehicle.
After the quick stop have players go through the different variations of pivots listed below:
  • Left foot front pivot
  • Right foot front pivot
  • Left foot reverse pivot
  • Right foot reverse pivot
  • Right foot pivot with pass fake
  • Left foot pivot with pass fake
Watch the video below until 2:45 for further demonstration!
  1.  Have players stand in a line. Depending on the number of players, have them stand in groups or pairs, with on basketball per group/pair.
  2. Players are to run to a designated line where they will then stop and perform the desired pivot.
  3. Once turned, pass the basketball to the next player in line, and run back to the group.
AGE (STAGE)6+  (FUNdamentals Stage)
EQUIPMENT One basketball per group
VARIATION:To change things up, change the type of pass players are using after each pivot. This will incorporate two skills – pivoting and passing.
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Source: The SNYB Blog
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