Who better to learn a drill from than the man him self, Steve Nash! This drill can be used at any point during a practice and is great because it gives both the offense and defense time to practice and refine their skills. 
This drill focuses on the transition from offense to defense, and defense to offense!
Start off by having three players on one end of the court on offense, and two on the other side starting on defense. The defenders can be stacked or stand side by side (Coach’s preference). The drill becomes live after the Coach takes a shot, then the three players get the rebound, outlet the pass and move up the court.
The three offenders will bring the ball up and challenge the two defenders. Once a shot is taken, if the offense gets the rebound, they are to try again to make the basket. If the defenders get the rebound, they are to transition to offense and bring the ball to the other end of the court.
Who ever took the shot will run back to the other end, and transition to defense. This is now a 2-on-1 situation. Once the offense makes a basket, or the defender gets the ball, the drill ends and players rotate starting positions.
First, walk through the drill so players are comfortable and understand the transitions from offense to defense, and defense to offense.
Key teaching points:
  • Communication is key! All players, whether on offense or defense, should be communicating with one another. Let one another know where you are on the court, who you’re defending, etc. The more communication the better!
  • Focus on the execution of the passes, and receiving the pass. This drill practices passing to a moving target with a defender. Ensure players are stepping in the direction of the pass, and those receiving move towards the pass.
  • Run, run, run! Teach players to run to the open spaces when on offense to try and make a basket. Have them focus on the timing of their position, and faking movements to get to the open space. When transitioning from offense to defense, or vice versa, have players run to their new positions.
Watch Steve Nash lead this drill for further demonstration!

  1. 3 players start at one end of the court on offense, and 2 players are at the other end of the court on defense (3-on-2 situation). The Coach takes the shot and offenders grab the rebound, outlet to another player and move up the court. Offense tries to beat defenders to the net and score.
  2. Once defense gets the rebound, the person who took the shot is to transition to defense and run to the other end.
  3. The defenders transition to offense and bring the ball to the other end of the court for a 2-on-1.
SKILL FOCUSTransitioning from offense to defense, and defense to offense
AGE (STAGE)9+ (Learn-to-Train)
VARIATION:Challenge players by asking them to make at least 3 passes before making a shot for both the 3-on-2 and 2-on-1
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Source: The SNYB Blog http://ift.tt/2qYNFmf
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