Don’t push and shove your way to the net after a shot – 3 tips on offence rebounding from Coach Bill Walton.
Basketball is a game of constant movement – learning how to win an offence rebound is an essential skill that will benefit both you and your team. Each rebound won will lead to the next play, and ultimately more opportunities to score.
As Coach Bill Walton says, “the ball won’t fall into your lap”. As a player, it is important to anticipate where the ball will land, and be there for when it does.
Watch this video and learn three ways to improve your offensive game.

Rebound Tips

DESCRIPTION Rolling back – Jab step to the side of the defender (towards the baseline), step across, and roll around them. Ensure your arms and elbows are up ready to catch the rebound.
Gaining position – Anticipate that the ball won’t go in the net. Move around to where you think the ball will land, and be there before your defender.
Chasing the ball down – Chase the ball down after every shot. Practice shooting the ball and chasing it down with, and without a defender. Practice anticipating where the ball will land.
SKILL FOCUS Offensive rebounding
AGE (STAGE) 10+ (Learn-to-Train)
 EQUIPMENT  1 basketball
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Source: The SNYB Blog
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