One of the most important aspects in becoming a global player is being able to handle the basketball with confidence.  As a result, being able to handle the basketball is an extremely important skill at any position for every player. When you can handle the ball well, you can move with ease to anywhere on the court, and put yourself  and your teammates in a better position to succeed.
Check out the drill below from Team Snap on pounding the ball while dribbling and stopping movement under control with a jump stop.  Emphasis during the drill is to stay balance with the legs shoulder width apart, head up, and ball pounding ahead of the dominant foot. Coaches should not be able to push over their players.

Jump Stop Dribbles

DESCRIPTIONHave players make 3 lines along the baseline. Each player with a basketball. On the coaches cue, have the first 3 players dribble the basketball to the free-throw line with their right hand. As they get to the free-throw line, have them perform a jump stop (while dribbling) into Triple Threat. While in Triple Threat, have them pound the basketball at their waist. On the next coaches cue, have player move to the centre line and repeat. The next three player in line get to the free-throw line, and pound. Complete until all players are on the other baseline, then go back except with the ball in the player’s left hands.
SKILL FOCUS Ball-Handling, Balance, Footwork
AGE (STAGE) 7+ (FUNdamentals Stage)
EQUIPMENT Basketballs (1 per player)
VARIATION:As players move from line to line, have them perform change of direction dribble moves. They can also do the drill backwards.
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Source: The SNYB Blog
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