“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball” – Dodegeball (the movie). And though dribbling with a tennis ball isn’t exactly the same thing, it IS the same learning concept.
Adding a tennis ball while dribbling is a “load”.  Any skill or drill can be loaded to increase the difficulty or focus on one aspect of a skill. In the case of tennis ball dribbling, the idea is that if you can perform the dribble moves while catching a tennis ball then in a game situation (where all you have to worry about is the basketball) you’ll be even better.
The video below introduces four great drills that will improve ball handling with the help of a tennis ball.

Stationary Tennis Ball Dribbling

  1. Snatch – Pound Dribbles
    • Pound the basketball with one hand while throwing and snatching the tennis ball with your other hand.
  2. Toss – One Hand Move
    • Execute a one handed dribbling move (i.e. east-west, north-south, in-and-out, etc.) while tossing the tennis ball.
  3. Toss – Change of Direction Move
    • Toss the tennis ball with one hand and catch with the other, will performing a crossover, between the legs, or behind the back move with the basketball.
  4. Toss – Combination Moves
    • Toss the tennis ball and string a series of dribbling moves together, finishing with the catching of the tennis ball.
SKILL FOCUS Ball Handling, Catching
AGE (STAGE) 8+ (Learn-to-Train Stage)
EQUIPMENT 1 Basketball and 1 Tennis Ball
Rather than using a basketball to dribble, try dribbling with the tennis ball instead! While still tossing and catching the other tennis ball of course.
Ball handling drills are great for ANY player to develop comfort with the ball and confidence in taking care of the ball. 

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