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    January 14, 2017

    ROGERS SCOREBOARD - Jan. 14, 2017

    Check out today's collection of game scores from all levels of basketball in Manitoba in the Rogers Scoreboard...

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    University Men's Game Results

    Winnipeg 80 Thompson Rivers 64 [Friday Result]
    Manitoba 84 Regina 75
    Brandon 86 MacEwan 98
    Thompson Rivers 91 Winnipeg 86

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    University Women's Game Results

    Brandon 61 MacEwan 53 
    Winnipeg 88 Thompson Rivers 65
    Regina 92 Manitoba 59

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    MCAC College Men's Game Results

    Canadian Mennonite University 84  Oak Hills Christian College 73
    Red River College 110 Providence University College 83

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    MCAC College Women's Game Results

    Canadian Mennonite University 69 Oak Hills Christian College 29
    Red River College 63 Providence University College 42

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    Varsity Boy's Game Results

    Piper Classic

    Oak Park 85 Vincent Massey [Wpg] 68 [Championship Final]
    St. Paul's 101 John Taylor 90 [3rd Place Game]
    Dakota 106 Fort Richmond 69 [Consolation Final] 
    Maples 77 Daniel McIntyre 64 [7th Place Game]


    Chris Chang (Oak Park)

    Defensive Player of the Tournament: 

    Andreas Dueck (Vincent Massey WPG)


    Shakur Harris (Oak Park)
    Wyatt Tait (Oak Park) 
    Kyler Filewich (Vincent Massey WPG)
    Matt Yaworsky (St. Paul's) 
    Riki Zimbakov (John Taylor)

    Buckeye Classic

    Churchill 78 Grant Park 47 [Seventh Place Game]
    Tec Voc 70 Miles Macdonell 59 [OT] [Consolation Final]
    Kelvin 76 Glenlawn 55 [Third Place Game]
    Sisler 76 Sturgeon Heights 60 [Championship Final]


    Dennis Cook (Tec Voc)
    Deng Gulauk (Kelvin)
    Clyde Branzuela (Sisler)
    Tyson Jensen (Sturgeon Heights)
    David McColla (Sturgeon Heights)


    Malakai Alexander (Sisler)

    Lorette Tournament

    Gordon Bell 69 U of W Collegiate 59 [Championship Final]
    Louis Riel 88 Transcona 86 [3rd Place Game]
    St. Norbert 51 Ste. Anne 49 [Consolation Final]

    Steinbach Christian Tournament

    Springs Christian 45 MCI 43 [7th Place Game]


    #3 -Seung Gu Kang Steinbach Christian Flames
    #3 Patric Gaudet - Prairie Mountian Predators
    # 4 - Kevin Dunn - Carman Cougars
    # 7 - Riley Enns - Carman Cougars
    #23 - Dylan Tichborne - Edward Schreyer Barons

    Big Cat Classic

    Neelin 90 R.D. Parker 79 [3rd Place Game]
    Sanford 68 Westgate 67 [Consolation Final]
    Windsor Park defeated Nelson Mac [7th Place Game]

    Bronco Invitational

    St. John's 97 Garden Valley 79 [Championship Final]
    SJR 74 Vincent Massey [Bdn] 55 [3rd Place Game]
    JH Bruns 60 Steinbach Regional 57 [Consolation Final]

    Trojan's New Year's Tip Off

    Neepawa 80 Major Pratt 46
    Neepawa 76 Gilbert Plains 59 
    Neepawa 67 Roblin 39 
    Neepawa 61 Souris 43
    Gilbert Plains 64 Major Pratt 19
    Gilbert Plains 59 Roblin 46
    Gilbert Plains 85 Souris 73
    Roblin 57 Major Pratt 46
    Souris 83 Major Pratt 44
    Souris 71 Roblin 66

    Gimli Tournament

    Gimli 72 Frontier 64 [Championship Final]
    Selkirk 96 Lac du Bonnet 61 [3rd Place Game]
    St. Maurice 58 Stonewall 49 [5th Place Game]

    MacGregor Mustangs Invitational

    Killarney 61 Warren 55
    Killarney 62 William Morton 52
    MacGregor 71 Boissevain 17
    MacGregor 63 Killarney 50
    MacGregor 58 Warren 36
    MacGregor 71 William Morton 44
    Warren 88 Boissevain 42
    William Morton 90 Boissevain 30

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    Varsity Girl's Game Results

    Piper Classic

    Oak Park 93 Westwood 55 [Championship Final]
    Vincent Massey [Bdn] 63 Dakota 55 [3rd Place Game] 
    Crocus Plains 41 Daniel McIntyre 35 [Consolation Final]
    Selkirk 55 River East 44  [7th Place Game]


    Deidre Bartlett (Oak Park)

    Defensive Player of the Tournament: 

    Annaka Webber (Oak Park) 


    Emily Johnson (Oak Park)
    Claire Signatovich (Oak Park) 
    Shemenu Dayassa (Westwood)
    Bettina Shyllon (Westwood)
    Jada Benoit (Vincent Massey BDN)

    Sisler Spartans Classic

    Sturgeon Heights 82 Northlands Parkway 24 [7th Place Game]
    Kildonan East 59 Miles Mac 31 [Consolation Final]
    Glenlawn 72 Garden City 63 [OT] [3rd Place Game]
    Sisler 62 Vincent Massey [Wpg] 56 [Championship Final]

    Tournament All-Stars:

    #11 Skylar Nowrang - Garden City 
    #11 Jojo Ngongo - Glenlawn 
    #15 Deborah Nkiasi - Vincent Massey (WPG)
    #3 Kiara Rongavilla - Sisler
    #11 Taylor Reynolds - Vincent Massey (WPG)

    Tournament MVP:

    #6 Raizel Guinto - Sisler Spartans

    Sabres Shootout

    Souris 58  Warren 39 [Semi-Final]
    Glenboro 61 Elton 45 [Semi-Final]
    Hamiota 62  Steinbach Christian 56 [7th Place Game]
    Morris 68 Gilbert Plains 44 [Consolation Final]
    Elton 69 Warren 38 [3rd Place Game]
    Glenboro 65 Souris 60 [Championship Final]


    Trista Morgan: Elton
    Lisa Gohl: Souris
    Tanja Gohl: Souris
    Aly Kowalchuk: Souris
    Michelle Ruston: Glenboro


    Hannah Vanschie: Glenboro

    Neepawa Tournament

    Louis Riel 51 Boissevain 30 [Championship Final]
    Neepawa 52 Neelin 47 [3rd Place Game]
    Grandview 48 R.D. Parker 47 [Consolation Final]
    SJR 55 Virden 30 [7th Place Game]

    St. Boniface Centurion Classic

    Tev Voc 66 St. Boniface 40 [Championship Final]
    Elmwood 54 Faith Academy 18 [3rd Place Game]
    Swan Valley 45 W.C. Miller 24 [Consolation Final]
    Green Valley 24 Oscar Lathin 22 [7th Place Game]

    Lady Mac Attack

    U of W Collegiate 53 St Norbert 37 [Championship Final]
    Nelson McIntyre 43 Ste. Anne 38 [3rd Place Game]
    Sanford 59 St. John's 51 [Consolation Final]
    Lorette 39 Gray Academy 31 [7th Place Game]

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    Junior Varsity Boy's Game Results

    Dakota Tournament

    Dakota 78 Miles Mac 63 [3rd Place Game] 

    Nighthawk Invitational

    Steinbach Regional 65 Steinbach Christian 55 [Championship Final]
    Sanford 34 W.C. Miller 32 [3rd Place Game]
    Northlands Parkway 54 Shaftesbury 51 [5th Place Game]

    Tec Voc Tournament

    Tec Voc 87 Murdoch MacKay 69 [Championship Final]
    St. James 63 Elmwood 40 [3rd Place Game]
    St. John's 98 River East 57 [Consolation Final]

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    Junior Varsity Girl's Game Results

    Daniel McIntyre Invitational

    Sturgeon Heights 63 Oak Park 50 [Championship Final]
    Daniel Mac 55 Dakota 31 [3rd Place Game]
    St. Mary's 49 Sisler 45 [Consolation Final]
    Vincent Massey [Wpg] 73 Maples 36 [7th Place Game]

    Vincent Massey Tournament [Bdn]

    Campbell 66 Goose Lake 24 [Championship Final]
    Vincent Massey [Bdn] 45 Garden Valley 39 [3rd Place Game]
    Portage 67 Neelin 14 [Consolation Final]
    Virden 49 Crocus Plains 15 [7th Place Game]

    Ste. Anne Tournament

    Linden Christian 37 SJR 24 [Championship Final]
    Edward Schreyer 33 Stonewall 9 [3rd Place Game]
    Louis Riel 47 Ste. Anne 20 [Consolation Final]
    Gimli 26 Steinbach Regional 22 [7th Place Game]

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    See box scores from select games, stat leaders and more at

    Junior High / Middle School Junior Girl's Game Results

    Sargent Park Invitational

    Arthur A. Leach 57 Holy Ghost 41 [Semi-Final]
    Holy Ghost 48 John Pritchard 44 [3rd Place Game] 

    Junior High Invitational Tournament Information

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