Stephen Curry, maybe the most popular basketball player in the world. We all know he can shoot the lights out of any gym – that’s old news. Instead, we want to look at one of Steph’s more underrated skills: his ability to handle the basketball.
At any time you can go online and find the latest highlight of Steph Curry breaking another shooting record or hitting another long-range bomb. But what goes largely unnoticed in these videos is his ball handling. How does Steph get into position to score in the first place?
Without his incredible ability to handle the basketball, he wouldn’t be the player he is today. Curry really is up there with the “tightest handles” in the NBA. It’s as if the ball is an extension of his body, and that is a huge advantage on the court. Being able to get to any spot on the floor allows him to use his other skills to make plays. But it all starts with the dribble.
So, how do we get that good at dribbling? It’s actually quite simple: PRACTICE! Look away Allen Iverson, but practice and training sessions are where we can truly develop. Curry goes through a similar pregame ball handling routine (video below) consistently to ensure he’s ready for game time.
The full series is outlined below, and even though some of the moves are quite advanced (no surprise there, it is Steph Curry’s ball handling routine) this gives a great idea of some of the movements and moves you can work on. One key pointer: start players with one ball before adding a second!

Steph Curry Ball Handling Routine

Pounds (together x20, alternating x20)
Bounce-and-cross (left-right x20, right-left x20)
Bounce-and-between legs (alternating x20)
Side-to-side dribbles (together x20, alternating x20)
Front-to-back dribbles (together x20, alternating x20)
Mixed moves (crossover, between legs, behind back)
Wall passing from dribble (mixed moves, alternating hands)
SKILL FOCUSBall Handling, Dribbling, Ball Security, Passing
AGE (STAGE)8+ (Learn-to-Train)
EQUIPMENT2 basketballs (per player)
Once players can go throw this series relatively easily, they are ready to get creative. Encourage players to try new moves, mixing a variety of crossovers, between the legs, behind the back, and even spin dribbles. Just remember to use both hands and go in both directions!
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Source: The SNYB Blog
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