Dell Curry, former NBA sharpshooter and father of the 2-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry, knows one or two things about shooting the rock. In this video Dell Curry talks about some great warm-up drills that build confidence and a solid shooting foundation.
We love warm-up routines, for a bunch of reasons. Everyone wants to work on (or warm-up with) different areas of their skill set – some players practice their better skills, others try to develop their weaknesses. And everyone’s warm-up is a little bit different, so there is always an opportunity to pick up a new drill or exercise.
This warm-up routine specifically focuses on shooting (no surprise as it comes from Dell Curry). As much as we love the drills used, our favorite part about this routine is the emphasis on building habits. The best players elevate their game by focusing on the little things and developing positive habits, regardless of the skill in question.
Take a look at Dell Curry’s routine in the video below!

Dell Curry Warm-Up Routine

DESCRIPTIONMikan Drill – A simple lay-up drill, alternating sides and making a set number of shots (or for a set time). Remember to keep the ball high (above the shoulders) and focus on good footwork (outside foot first, then inside foot on the finish).
Form Shooting – Slow and controlled shots just 2-3 feet from the basket (5 made shots in 5 positions). Focus on form, such as squaring the feet, using the legs for power, keeping the elbow in, and holding the follow-through.
Around the World – A shooting drill with 3-tiers (close, medium, and long distance), with 5 spots at each tier (both baselines, both wings, and the centre). Make a jump shot at each spot in each tier, only moving to the next spot/tier once shots are made at the first spot/tier.
AGE (STAGE) 10+ (Learn-to-Train)
EQUIPMENT 1 Basketball

The drills in this video have previously been covered in the blog. However, we also want to highlight the progression of the drills . The routine is designed so players will build confidence as they shoot. It’s a  great practice or pre-game warm-up that enhances all the fundamentals of shooting.

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Source: The SNYB Blog
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