SCHEDULE RELEASED: The Junior Bison Boys Basketball Club has announced they will be hosting a 3on3 basketball tournament for boys born 2003 and 2004 on Friday December 30, 2016 at Sturgeon Height Collegiate in Winnipeg.  Cost to register is $120 a team with a 4 game guarantee for all teams.  To register, email


Tournament updates will be posted on the Junior Bison Boys Basketball Club website.

Basketball Tournament Winter 2K16 - Rules – Dec. 30th 2016
  • 8 teams per division / 21 minutes games running time / 4 games for all / referee keeps score / 4 players maximum per team / size 6 ball.
  • No keep alternate possessions / check on top to start new possession after a basket, a foul, a violation (dead ball).
  • No time-outs / substitutions on dead balls only / 24 sec shot clock administered by the referee / no adult coaching.
  • Shooting foul: only one free throw worth 2 or 3 points. 
  • Intentional foul: one free throw (2 points) plus the possession / no foul limit / no penalty.
  • No overtime: “sudden death free throw”, each team assigns one shooter for free throw shootout.
  • Overtime in final game (1st place game only): 2 minutes running time.
  • Tie breaker in pool: head to head results all teams tied / point differential system all teams tied / highest total of points scored all teams tied.
  • Prizes (Footlocker) for final champions. 
  • Fair play above all / bring your ball.
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