We like to post drills that players can do on their own, without needing much assistance from teammates or coaches. Most of all this empowers kids to take more control of their own development, but it’s also a good way to encourage creativity in players. (Too much coaching can turn players into robots.) 
Here is a perfect example of a drill that is easily introduced in practice, and then encouraging kids to take it home to use (and tweak) on their own.
Using nothing but three chairs (or garbage cans, or cardboard boxes, or whatever else is handy) as “dummy defenders” this drill is a great way for kids to take their crossovers to the next level. A reminder that this drill is best suited for higher level players who have already learned their crossovers (i.e. between the legs, behind the back, spin move, etc.) and ready for new ways to challenge these moves in a game situation.

Chair Triangle Crossovers

DESCRIPTIONUse 3 chairs to set up a triangle at the top of the key, with chairs at both elbows and at the top of the arch (you can also use garbage cans, cones, etc.). Chairs represent defenders. Players attack these defenders, using crossovers to get by them. Attack the first chair, crossover to one direction, attack the second chair, crossover to the opposite direction (back inside), and finish with a lay-up or jump shot.
SKILL FOCUSDribbling, Ball Handling, Crossovers
AGE (STAGE)10+ (Learn-to-Train)
EQUIPMENT3 chairs, 1 basketball
Even using both directions (left and right) and a variety of crossovers (through the legs, behind the back, spin move, etc.) players may find that attacking the same triangle gets repetitive. Mix-up the configuration of the chairs so the triangle is distorted (i.e. different shape and/or size) and move the triangle to other areas of the court (i.e. on the wings). Remember to keep one “primary” chair that players attack first, with two “secondary” chairs on either side.
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