Basketball Manitoba is pleased to announce the female rosters for the 2016-17 Canada Basketball Centre for Performance Program - Manitoba Region.  The program is a regional training centre designed to bring together female Canadian basketball athletes aged 15U and 17U. The program targets high potential athletes and provides them with advanced level training, competition, and experiences to help them develop into an elite level basketball player.

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    0Raizel Guinto 5' 5"
    1Alexis Garcia5' 3"
    2Kayla Dao5' 9"
    3Sonum Sidhu5' 8"
    4Emily Dewey6' 1"
    5Lauren Bartlett5' 3"
    6Robyn Boulanger5' 5"
    7Dana Inglis6' 6"
    8Emily Johnson5' 11"
    9Vanessa Lee5' 8"
    10Deborah Nkiasi-Kuku6' 0"
    12Tania Wallack5' 10"
    13Mikayla Funk6' 3"
    14Niyah Becker6' 2"
    15Autumn Agar6' 1"
    20Claire Signatovich6' 1"
    21Amei Grant5' 7"
    23Emerson Martin6' 2"
    24Lana Shypit5' 9"
    30Anna Kernaghan5' 9"

    0Treyah Paquette5' 1"
    1Maltha Uwambajimana5' 5"
    2Brooke Kozielec5' 8"
    5Olivia Weekes5' 5"
    6Brooke Rivard5' 2"
    7Izabella Marquez5' 11"
    8Delaney Galera5' 3"
    9Beth Dueck5' 9"
    10Abby Smith6' 1"
    11Ayva Khan5' 9"
    12Nikki Gebken5' 7"
    13Shangavi Loganathan5' 9"
    14Breanna Amoyaw5' 8"
    17McKenna Filewich6' 0"
    18Lauren Cogan5' 6"
    22Alycia Sosnowski5' 9"
    23Kira Penner5' 8"
    27Kayla Feasey6' 0"
    28Sarah Sired5' 9"
    35Alyssa Porco5' 10"
    41Leah Ross5' 11"

    • Randy Kusano
    • Alyssa Grant
    • Mike Tan
    • Stacy Hawash
    • Darren Sampson
    • Maggie Hiebert
    • Stephen Ralko

    Female athletes from Manitoba are identified on an annual basis to participate in the Manitoba Region Centre for Performance training programs. The program is directed at training athletes. The program runs from September to December before pausing for the school season. The female program will have an expanded competition component added to the program with additional games through out-of-province tournaments and other exhibition games to add to the training component. There will be classroom sessions in January and February before the program wraps up in early April leading into the Provincial Team spring try-outs.

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