Gone are the days where we sit in a circle and slowly hold a stretch for each arm and leg. In fact, static stretching has been shown to have negative effects on explosive muscle performance. Your slow relaxing stretch is better saved for the end of practice.

Instead, we are in the new age of dynamic stretching. Dynamic stretching uses movement and range of motion, which also improves mobility and coordination while stretching the targeted muscles.

Dynamic Stretching

DESCRIPTIONDynamic stretches include knee hugs, high knees, ankle pulls, butt kicks, lunges, soldier kicks, hip pulls, hamstring T-stretch, karaoke, progressive skips, and more.
SKILL FOCUSFundamental Movement Skills
AGE (STAGE)Ages 6+ (FUNdamentals + Learn-to-Train)
Source: Drill: Dynamic Stretching
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