The Winnipeg Women's Basketball League (WWBL) has announced details on the upcoming 2016-17 basketball season for players who are ages 18 and over.  Details include...

Season information 

  • Team Fee: $2,300
  • Registration deadline: (online) October 3rd
  • Payment deadline: October 7th cheque (payable to WMBA), Money order, Cash, online payment  145 Pacific Ave.

Season Timelines

  • First Half: October 23rd – December 11th
  • Second Half : January 8th – February 26th
  • Playoff Dates: March 5th - 19th
  • No games: December 18th, 25th, Jan 1st, February 19th 
  • 16 regular season games + 2 playoff games
  • Roster Freeze Jan 15th, 2017

* Players can play in multiple divisions however can only play up a division and not down. 

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