15U Men's Recap - Day 1

The 15U Teams for Manitoba and Nova Scotia in Pool C ended their nail biting game with Nova Scotia winning by only three points! At half time, both teams tied for 35 points and ended the game with a score of 69 for Manitoba and 72 for Nova Scotia.

Leading scorers for NS were Jaxon Smith with 17; Caleb Johnson, 11; and Kellen Tynes, 11. Leading scorers for MB were Kyler Filewich with 21; Donald Stewart, 13; and Lamont Everd, 13.

Pool A
Quebec won over New Brunswick with 81 to 70. Quebec's top scorer was Trenton Dias Maxwell with 21 points. New Brunswick's top scorer was Emmanuel Octavious with 18 points. Ontario won over Saskatchewan with a score of 92 to 48. Ontario's top scorer was Addison Patterson with 21 points. Saskatchewan's top scorer was Andrew Vanderhooft with 12 points.

Pool B
Newfoundland opened the tournament with a win over the Territories, posting a score of 85 to 34. Newfoundland's leading scorer was Caleb d'Entremont with 13 points. Territories top scorer was Felix Flamand with 9 points.
British Columbia won over Territories with a score of 106 to 48. British Columbia's top scorer was Noah Jansen with 15 points. Territories top scorer was Felix Flamand again with 22 points.

Pool C
Alberta took to the floor with Prince Edward Island, topping them 104 to 52. Top scorer's for Alberta were Holt Tomie and Ben Krikke with 16 each. Top scorers for Prince Edward Island were Logan MacCallum and Louis Monaghan with 12 each.

For day two of the 15U Men's Nationals, Alberta will be playing Nova Scotia first thing in the morning at 9:00am in the Duckworth Centre. Manitoba will be playing Prince Edward Island at 11:15am in the Duckworth Centre. British Columbia will take on Newfoundland at 1:30pm in the Duckworth. To end the day, New Brunswick will be playing Saskatchewan at 3:45pm in the True North Recplex.

17U Men's Recap - Day 1

Team Manitoba opened the 2016 championships with an opening win over Team Territories with a winning score of 111 to 46 in Pool B.

Lead scorer for Manitoba was Anoush Sepehri with 15; Rodney Muraasa, 14; and Redeemed Kabashiki, 13. Leading scorer for Territories was Ryan Hindson with 26 points.

Pool A
British Columbia won over Nova Scotia 115 to 102. BC's top scorer was Cameron Morris with 28 points. Nova Scotia’s was lead by Chase Tynes with 29 points. Ontario won a physical battle over Quebec with an 88 to 64 opening game win. Ontario’s top scorer was Jaden Bediako with 22 points. Quebec was lead by Ja'ShontΓ© Wright – McLeish with 13 points.

Pool B
Alberta topped the Territories 77-47. Alberta’s top scorer was Alex Jap with 20 points. Territories saw Patrick Yatco with 19 points.

Pool C
Saskatchewan and Prince Edward Island took the court and saw Team Sask take the win 102 to 77. Saskatchewan’s top scorer was Ja'Shon Henry with 26 points. Prince Edward Island’s top scorers were Alexander Campbell and Adam Ryan with 15 points each. 

New Brunswick won over Newfoundland with 93 to 56. Leading the way for New Brunswick was Brett Speedy with 20 points. Newfoundland’s top scorer was Emanuel Ring Lual with 19 points.

For day two of the 17U Nationals, Newfoundland will be playing Prince Edward Island at 9:00am in the True North RecPlex, Saskatchewan will playing New Brunswick at 11:15am in the True North RecPlex, Quebec will be playing Nova Scotia at 1:30pm in the True North RecPlex. And lastly, Manitoba will be playing Alberta at 3:45pm in the Duckworth Centre.

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