Congratulations to Pamela Pennell of St. John's, Newfoundland in winning the Basketball Manitoba 50/50 raffle of $377.50 that was offered at the Canada Basketball National Championships and ran through the month of August.  The draw was managed by our new fundraising partner Funding Change.  Proceeds of the draw are going towards in supporting initiatives of the Basketball for Life Fund.   Another raffle will be announced in the coming weeks which will feature a trip to Las Vegas!  Stay tuned on when that draw goes live!


Basketball Manitoba is pleased to announce a new and unique fundraising opportunity in line with the hosting the Canadian National Championships.  The new partnership is with a Winnipeg company called "Funding Change" to conduct one of the first EVER online fundraising raffles.

There are a plenty of tickets available and the pot could get huge because we’re starting it at the tournament, but the draw won’t wrap up until Aug 31st!

How does an online raffle work? Click the 'Buy Tickets' button below to get to the online raffle page and buy your tickets.You can then share the raffle with your family and friends on Facebook or by emailing/texting the online link.  Proceeds will go to helping support basketball in Manitoba including the Basketball for Life Fund which works to remove financial barriers for people looking to get involved with basketball throughout Manitoba.  The fund helps nearly half of the current members of the Provincial Team program and helps us put forward the best teams we can as a province!

Someone will win half the cash that comes in... and it could be you!

The raffle will continue through the 2016 Canadian Basketball Male National Championships with a draw date of August 31, 2016.

See the live pot amount and buy your tickets now at...

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