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CDNB DVD Set Sale: Transition Offense and Defense

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CDNB DVD Set Sale: Transition O and D Titles

1. Transition Drills To Get Your Team Running, Paul McDonald of Vermilion Community College (MN), over 450 wins at NJCAA level: Paul McDonald provides viewers of this video insight and drills to assist your team on a daily basis to get your squad ready for transition basketball. Coach McDonald’s teams have won over 400 games and have been consistently in the Top 5 nationally in scoring. His teams have won numerous conference, state and region titles and he has coached 12 All Americans in his tenure at Vermilion. He has been a finalist for the NJCAA Coach of the Year twice in his career.  This entertaining video will show you many drills with full court action and will also help condition your team so they are ready to run the floor. The drills in this video include a 5 on 4 fast break drill, Roll out 3 on 3, Fast Break Scramble 5 on 5 drill and Wolf to name a few. Players love to run the floor and this informative video will help coaches from all levels design practice sessions that focus on offensive and defensive transition basketball. 55 minutes. 2012.

2. Building the Break and Energizing Transition Drills, Wendy Kohler of Alexandria HS (MN), 1997 Minnesota State Champion and Seven Time Section Champion: Coach Wendy Kohler of Alexandria HS (MN): Play like you Practice…These drills will teach your players split second decisions in transition, condition them into mentally strong unit, and push tempo to a blistering pace while executing circles around the opponents. Organized, uptempo and your players will love this system! 55 minutes. 2012.

5. No Easy Baskets: Transition Defense and Special Situations, Larry Hunter, Western Carolina University, Ranked #11 in NCAA DI Wins: Every team wants to play the game competitively and have a chance to win.  One of the keys will be your ability to not give up many easy baskets. This DVD is for all levels of basketball.  Philosophy and rules for transition defense are emphasized.  Drills and technique for defending the 2 vs. 1, 3 vs. 2, 4 vs. 3, 5 vs. 4, and 5 vs. 5 are covered.  How to utilize various transition drills to not only eliminate easy baskets but also to create high intensity competitive segments for your practices.  Emphasizing the importance of special situation play can give your team a winning advantage. Primary discussion is on UOB and SOB play. Some coaching and teaching philosophies as well as a team building approach are also communicated. 55 minutes. 2013.

6. The Pius XI Flyer/Transition System, Joel Claassen, Milwaukee Piux XI High School, 14 Time Wisconsin Girls State Champion: The Flyer/Transition offense is a patterned fast-break system that offers 4 different transitions with multiple options.  These transitions can be run off of made and missed baskets. I have run these transitions for over 20 years with my boys and girls teams with a lot of success. Included in the DVD is our "Flyer drill" which lead into the transitions! The transition 1 is the most often-used and usually occurs after missed shots. Transition 2 and 3 occur most often when our long pass to the wing is taken away or after made shots. Transition 4 is was implemented 4 years ago to take advantage of the 4 and 5 player who can shoot the 3 and/or has the athletic skill to face up on the perimeter. 55 minutes. 2013.

7. Transition Defense: Defending Today’s Up Tempo Game, Kevin Vande Streek, 2000 NCAA DIII National Champion: Such a big part of today's game is the strategy of up-tempo, fast break and fast paced offense.  Players have a more diverse skill set than they used to and are more athletic.  Because of this Transition Defense needs to be a part of our over-all coaching philosophy, our game plan, and therefore a part of our daily practice plan.  Coach Vande Streek talks about concepts for transition defense and gives a framework, strategy, and drills for how to get back quickly, take away the easy shot and move into a half court defense seamlessly. 55 minutes. 2013.

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