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CDNB DVD Set Sale: Player Development

1. Ball Spin Player Development Workout, Danny Henderson, Marcus HS (TX), 2012 MaxPreps National High School Boys Coach of the Year: Coach Henderson’s teams are known for their high offensive skill level. His Ball Spin Workout teaches players how to score off the catch and how to create space vs. superior athletic defensive pressure. Coach Henderson’s teams spend 15 to 20 minutes daily on Ball Spins. In this DVD he breaks down the offensive moves to precise detail. Through a very systematic approach he makes it easy for players to understand how, when, and why to use the moves. 55 minutes. 2012.

2. Partner Ball Drills by Danny Henderson, Marcus HS (TX), 2012 MaxPreps National High School Boys Coach of the Year: Coach Henderson’s teams are recognized as one of the very best in high school basketball at offensive execution. One of the big keys to this success is the Partner Ball Drills practiced daily by his teams. These simple one minute drills enable players to master the fundamentals necessary to execute offensively against the best high school defenses in the nation. Fourteen total drills, broken down to fit Coach Hendersons offensive system, are divided into two groups of seven and alternated daily. These drills can be easily altered to fit your offensive system and the results will be amazing at the expense of only seven minutes a day! 55 minutes. 2012.

3. Offensive Skill Development During Practice, Wendy Kohler of Alexandria HS (MN), 1997 Minnesota State Champion and Seven Time Section Champion: Coach Kohler shows you how to incorporate and alter offensive skills and concepts into your practice to achieve the fundamentals necessary to be efficient and execute offensively on the court. These drills can easily be incorporated into your practice plans and hit all areas from ball handling, passing, shooting, effective cuts, post entry, penetrate pitch and decision making. Coach Kohler has 7 State Tournament appearances and will explains how these drills can improve your teams offensive efficiency. 55 minutes. 2012.

4.  Skills and Drills for Youth Basketball Session I, Michael Peck, Findlay Prep (NV), Three Time National Invitational Champion:  Any young player aspiring to be a great basketball player, he/she must develop the appropriate basketball fundamentals. Having a high skill set, allows a player to continue in his/her growth and progression toward mastering the game. This DVD includes some essential drills for developing a foundation of basketball fundamentals. These drills are the very same drills we use in our daily practices and workouts. Over the past 5 years these drills have been a direct reflection of our program’s National Championship status while helping our individual players receive NCAA DI scholarships, McDonalds All-American accolades and collegiate honors and awards. 55 minutes. 2012.

5. Complete Post Player Development, Michael Peck, Findlay Prep (NV), Three Time National High School Invitational Champion:  It is important to have skilled post players. This DVD includes some essential drills for developing a foundation of fundamental post play. These drills are the very same drills we use for our post players in our daily practices and workouts. Over the past 5 years these drills have been a direct reflection of our program’s National Championship status while helping our individual players receive NCAA DI scholarships, McDonalds All-American accolades and collegiate honors and awards. 50 minutes. 2012.

6. Mental Toughness and Confidence Drills, Matt Cordes, 2010 and 2008 Minnesota Boys Class AA State Champions: My session will touch on my coaching philosophy, and a few drills that I use to help improve mental toughness and building confidence. I believe it is as important to understand who we are coaching as much as understanding what we are coaching. Mental toughness or having a positive mental attitude is really the ability to remain focused in the midst of distractions. This can be worked on in any number of drills by simply requiring players remain focused even when distracted or tired. 47 minutes. 2012.

7. Teaching the Pyramid of Success Through Drills, Bill Gottenborg, Seven Time Minnesota Girls Class AA Section Champions: John Woodens Pyramid of Success is a great motivational and teaching tool that can be used with players from the elementary age on up. In this DVD, drills the players really enjoy are used to teach the Pyramid of Success. The building blocks of the Pyramid of Success can help student athletes be successful on the basketball floor and in life. 47 minutes. 2012.

8. The Versatile Point Guard Workout, Bryce Tesdahl, Bemidji State University: Bryce Tesdahl demonstrates a series of individual drills to get your players to be the next versatile point guard. The session starts with advanced ball-handling and passing drills. Finishing at the rim is the next point of emphasis in the DVD using a variety moves such as the euro step, floaters, inside hand lay-ups, and finishing on the other side of the rim. Tesdahl teaches how to use the ball screen multiple ways by attacking the rim, pulling-up, rejecting the screen, and splitting the screen. The versatile point guard needs to be able to shoot the ball on the move as well as having excellent agility and speed. Shooting drills, tennis ball agility and speed drills conclude the DVD. Tesdahl just finished up his playing career at Bemidji State University as the all-time assists leader and is now the new Men’s Basketball Graduate Assistant at the University of Minnesota Duluth. 50 minutes. 2012.

9. Offensive Drills Including Footwork, Form and Shooting, Randy Holthusen, Red Lake High School, MN: The drills in the video are geared towards youth player development up to the eighth grade. Proper footwork, form and how you receive the ball equal a good shot. These basic 2 and 3 person drills will work on your form and footwork from the left and the right side of court. Developing young kids footwork at a young age will enable them to move on to learn new things. Coaches shouldn’t be teaching kids how to shoot, dribble or pass at the varsity level. Teaching these drills and proper footwork to kids in grades k-8 is crucial in their development. 50 minutes. 2012.

10. The Versatile Shooting Guard Workout, James Ellisor, Bemidji State University, 2012 NCAA DII National Player of the Year: The session begins with a warm up and goes into the Mikan Drill, a Shooting Drill focusing on Short Corner Left Side, Middle of key, Short Corner Right Side. Ball handling drills include Dribble Around the World (between both legs), 2 Ball Handling, Dribble at the same time, Alternate Dribbles, In and Out Dribbles, Crossover Dribbles, Spin Move Dribbles, and Behind the Back Dribbles. The individual moves segment includes Double Crossover Around Two Cones, the Floater, layup, pull up shot, step back shot, the Double Crossover Around Two Cones From Wing, the Reverse layup, floater, and hesitation and finishes with Wing moves. 50 minutes. 2012.

11. The Versatile Big Man Workout, Ben Strong, Guilford College, 2007 NCAA DIII National Player of the Year, Ben Strong shows a variety of drills to encourage your posts to score in the low, mid, and High post as well as the wing. In this DVD, the 2007 NCAA DIII National Player of the Year and NBADL player presents the drills and skills the post player needs to take your game to the next level. The beginning session focuses on ball handling. The post moves include the hook shot, up and under, dribble middle/baseline to drop step, sweep through, Fake sweep through to Jump shot, face up sweep through to spin, face up sweep through to spin and pump fake, and quick spin off. Ben Strong teaches to read the down screen with the movement without the ball using the tight curl, fade and going straight up. The versatile post needs to bring the game to the outside as well. Perimeter moves begin with catching the ball, Squaring up and looking at the basket to read the defense. Perimeter moves include the catch and square jump shot, catch square drive right or left, drive right or left to one or two dribble pull up, driver right or left to step back, drive right or left to spin, and drive right or left to spin with the pump fake. This is an outstanding position player technique DVD to encourage the post player to be versatile inside and outside. 50 minutes. 2012.

12. Everyday Drills to Make Your Team Accountable, Jim Gosz, Milwaukee King HS, Four Time Wisconsin Boys State Champions: If you are looking for new drills and ideas to make your practices more competitive and intense, this is the video. Coach Gosz having served as head coach for 22 years at Milwaukee Rufus King and directed basketball camps in Wisconsin for the past 30 years will present his favorite drills that are sure to make your practices the best. Included will be individual drills, half court drills, full court drills and shooting drills. These are the same drills that have made Milwaukee Rufus King High School one of the best full court pressure defensive teams in the country. 55 minutes. 2012.

13. Focus on Fundamentals, Jerry Krause, Gonzaga University, Hall of Fame Coach: Focus on Fundamentals is a two DVD packet centered on the basketball basics; coaching fundamentals and basketball skill fundamentals. Rationales for coaching and skill basics are first explored followed by teaching types and basketball skills and related rules.  Hall of Fame Coach Jerry Krause offers practical principles aimed at the John Wooden recommended goal for all coaches (and adults), i.e., “Aspire to Become a Master Teacher.” Basketball fundamentals of stance, starts, stops, steps, turns and jumps are identified and described to be executed with balance and quickness. Coaching fundamentals to become a master teacher are also explained, how you develop players and your team, the use of the basic laws of learning and the use of critical cues. Finally, challenges of teaching and learning are described to assist coaches and players in reaching their full potential.  110 minutes. 2013.

14. Perimeter Team Drills, Dennis Hutter, Mayville State University, 2013 NAIA National Tournament: In this DVD you will learn the same Individual Development Drills for Perimeter play that Coach Hutter has used to help his team qualify for the National Tournament. These drills also helped the Comets rank in the Top 10 in the country in numerous other offensive categories including points per game and shooting percentages.  Coach Hutter and his players will demonstrate numerous individual shooting and ball handling drills that will help your players improve their individual perimeter play, thus improving your team’s overall improvement.  The workouts include individual drills, partner drills as well as small group drills.  All designed to improve your team’s perimeter play. 55 minutes. 2013.

15. Rebounding Wins, Kevin Vande Streek, Calvin College (MI), 2000 NCAA DIII National Champion:  Although a positive rebound margin is also an indicator of good defense, offense, and turn over differential, Coach Vande Streek makes a strong case for rebounding margin being the most important statistic in determining who wins a basketball game.  Successful rebounding teams have much more than size alone.  Techniques, strategies, characteristics, and emphasis are discussed and demonstrated in this video to help individuals and teams rebound better and in turn, win more games.  55 minutes. 2013.

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