The Flex Basketball Club is hosting a car wash fundraiser in support of Fort McMurray on Saturday June 18 at Waverley Chrysler, 1700 Waverley St and run from 11am-2pm.

The silent auction will feature prizes that were donated to our squad from various generous local and national businesses that include Silver Jeans, Oakwood Cafe and Bistro, Thunder Rapids, Academy Lanes, Kub Bread, General Mills Canada, Manitoba Pork Producers, Cora's Restaurant, 103.1 Virgin Radio, Rae and Jerry's Steak House and more.

The goal is to get our kids more involved in our community. And we're hoping for 2 things with this fundraiser:

1) To help a family that was affected by the fire and that needs the help. Our money will not be going to organizations like Red Cross or United Way. Although they're good and definitely help, we want to eliminate the need for overhead by dealing directly with an affected family and we're currently involved with a couple of the leaders in Fort Mac trying to find a family that could use our help.

2) To help our kids reach out and get to both know our community, and understand the impact of being a good citizen. It's easy to just say "I'm here to play basketball, why do I have to do this" but I think understanding that this could be you and that people out there care and can do lots to help is an important part of being both a good citizen and the adult life.

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Ricardo Martinez


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