The Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba has announced details on a special spring break camp they are offering.  The 'Work It Out' camp is a camp designed to teach participants about the correlation between their physical and mental health. The camp will teach participants how to improve on specific skills as well as their knowledge of different sports, including basketball. We have group discussions about different mental health topics and give kids a chance to discuss what might be going on in their life. The staff consists of certified coaches, experienced athletes, and peer support workers and will have a presentation by students from the University of Manitoba Kinesiology department to teach the kids about how to work on their body safely. All in a safe, fun environment.

Ages: 10-14
Location: Churchill High School Gym
Cost: $50.00
Dates: March 29th – April 1st
Time: 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

More Information contact:

Griffin Jenkins
Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba
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