US law requires all Canadians to present a valid passport to enter the United States by water or land.  Basketball Manitoba has one Provincial Team trip for all teams planned to the US this July as a lead-up to the National Championships in August.  To ensure we have no issues at the border and while in the US, all Manitoba Provincial Team members must have a valid passport with them at all times.  This includes all players, coaches and anyone else travelling with the teams.

Currently, the wait time to process a new passport request is 2 weeks.  To apply for a new passport, you must complete the application form (links below) and return it to a Passport Canada office for processing.  You must also supply two valid passport photos, your birth certificate and possibly other identification to process the application.
Other Passport Forms and Information

Don’t miss out on a great summer trip to the US representing Manitoba because of this!  Get your applications going now!

Any questions on this can be directed to Adam Wedlake at Basketball Manitoba.

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