A special fundraiser for the Circle Square Ranch located in Austin, Manitoba has been set for the Friday November 20 Canada West home opener Wesmen Basketball games as they take on the  Trinity Western Spartans at 6:00 & 8:00 pm.

Raffle tickets will be sold carnival style $3 for each, 10 for $20, 20 for $40 or 40 for $80.  A 505/50 draw is also planned.

Prizes will be available from...

  • Basketball Manitoba 
  • Volleyball Manitoba 
  • U of W Wesmen 
  • Sheena Grobb 
  • Romi Mayes 
  • The Deeds
  • A Little Piece of Pizza Heaven
  • Manitoba Hydro 
  • Nathan Detroit's 
  • Canadian Actress Ellen Dubin 
  • Sweet Alibi 
  • Carly Dow 
  • Deep Roots and Strong Dance 
  • Renee Lamoureux 
  • Marco Castillo
  • Melissa Plett Singer 
  • Tiffany Ponce 
  • MC College Hair School
  • Hearing Trees Band Dirty 
  • Catfish Brass Band
  • Farmery Beer 
  • Barley Brother's Restaurant 
  • UMFM Radio 
  • Danny's Whole Hog 
  • Shae Dupuy
  • Yoga Public
  • MC College Hair School
  • Lindsey White
  • Fabutan and Sweat it Out Fitness 

More information on this special event can be obtained from...

Mike Chin
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