Basketball Manitoba excited to announce a new initiative with its 'Basketball for Life Fund' with the pursuing of a basketball themed licence plate.  While we have already approached Manitoba Public Insurance, before proceeding further, we are conducting a market survey to gauge the level of support within the community for this initiative. The cost of a Manitoba Specialty Licence Plate is $70.00 with $30.00 of those dollars going directly to the Basketball for Life Fund.
Please note that the above plate design is not authorized or approved by MPI and is shown for illustrative purposes.

A Basketball For Life license plate is a great way to show your support and passion for the sport in Manitoba and beyond our borders!  All proceeds from these sales will go to support Basketball Manitoba's 'Basketball for Life Fund' which helps remove financial barriers to children who want to get involved in the sport.  More information on the campaign can be found HERE
Show your support for basketball in Manitoba by completing the below form to express your interest in purchasing a specialty basketball plate below....

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Credit/Copyright Attribution of images in the licence plate, used under an enhanced licences (SSTK-0B117-BC45, SSTK-023A5-0180 and SSTK-0E1D3-606C) with Shutterstock: 
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  1. When are these plates going to be available?

    1. As of today, we have reached our plateau with MPI and are now awaiting the next steps form them. There are a few groups ahead of us on the list that may get a plate too, that will take some time. It will be in 2016, but an exact timeline has yet to be shared with us. If you sign up for a plate, you will be notified by us with other updates as they come available!

      The more people who sign up will show MPI that basketball is serious about getting one!


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