The Manitoba Centre for Performance Female program is off to Grand Forks, ND to attend the 'King of the Court' basketball tournament this weekend.  This marks the first out-of-province event for the new pilot program which has added a competition component to the training program.  Additional trips are planned in the coming months.  Representing Manitoba on the two teams this weekend will be...

MANITOBA CP RED (8th Grade Girls Division)

  • 1) Lauren Bartlett
  • 2) Vanessa Lee
  • 3) Debbie Nikasi
  • 4) Claire Signatovich
  • 5) Alicia Sosnowski
  • 6) Niyah Becker
  • 7) Holly Klassen
  • 8) Emily Johnson

MANITOBA CP WHITE (8th Grade Girls Division)

  • 1) Alexis Garcia
  • 2) Sonum Sidhu
  • 3) Anna Kernaghan
  • 4) Sarah Lamoureux
  • 5) Chloe Ellerbrock
  • 6) Amei Grant
  • 7) Tracy Towns
  • 8) Tanya Wallack
  • 9) Taylor Reynolds

The Canada Basketball/Basketball Manitoba Center for Performance Program is a regional training centre designed to bring together male and female Canadian basketball athletes aged 12-15.  The program targets high potential athletes and provides them with advanced level training and experiences to help them develop into an elite level basketball player.

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