Athlete confidence may be the single most important factor when discussing athlete performance. Every coach has seen big players seem smaller than they are and small players seem bigger than they are. Much of this has to do with confidence. Below, Helen Walters has created a visual representation of information gathered from Amy Cuddy’s TEDTalk on body language. Teaching your players the power of body language, and the power of playing BIG, with Cuddy’s power poses, could be all it takes to boost confidence, quell nerves and take up space, on and off the court!  Try adding big poses in before a game, it only takes 2 minutes! Coaches, take note, we’ve all had pre-game jitters. Join in on the power poses!

By: Helen Walters

No two ways about it: Social psychologist Amy Cuddy’s talk from TEDGlobal 2012 touched a nerve, and sparked a sensation. In the talk, “Your body language shapes who you are,” Cuddy offered a free, low-tech life hack: assume a posture for just two minutes — and change your life. The idea caught on, the talk has now been viewed more than nine million times, and the idea of “power posing” has truly entered the vernacular. For the visualization below, created in conjunction with Brazilian magazine Superinteressante, the designers illustrated some of the points Cuddy makes about posture and its impact on how we feel. Take a look … and stand up straight.

Amy Cuddy also appears in the latest episode of NPR’s TED Radio Hour, “Spoken and Unspoken,” about the ways human beings communicate in both intentional and unintentional ways. Take a listen!

To take a look at Amy Cuddy’s full TEDTalk, find the link below!This is an SNYB favourite for changing the way we view ourselves and increasing personal confidence! Check it out!


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