REGISTRATION NOW OPEN: The WMBA has announced details on its upcoming 2014-15 offering for club teams in its Rising Stars League for the 2014-15 season.  The Rising Stars League represents an opportunity for independent high level boys and girls teams to organize and compete against one another within the WMBA format. 


The Rising Stars League represents an opportunity for independent high level boys and girls teams to organize and compete against one another within the WMBA format. FALL/ SPRING DIVISIONS 2014-2015
Our Fall/Spring Rising Stars League caters to boys and girls aged 12-17. The Fall session begins in late October and runs through mid December. Play resumes in mid April with a Spring session that concludes in June.


· 12 Under - Born in 2003
· 13 Under - Born in 2002
· 14 Under - Born in 2001
· 15 Under - Born in 2000
· 16 Under - Born in 1999
· 17 Under - Born in 1998

· 13/14 Under - Born in 2001 or later
· 15/16 Under - Born in 2000 or 1999
· 17 Under - Born in 1998



The registration for the Fall/Spring Rising Stars teams will be $2300 per team 50% of the fee $1150 must be paid during registration for the qualifying tournament. 

League play

The entire season will consist of 18 weeks of league games and playoffs. In the Fall, teams can expect to play 8 games. Games are slated to be played on Sundays from late October through mid December. In the Spring, teams can expect 8 games to be played. Games are slated to be played on weeknights with two weeks of playoff games from early April to the first week of June. Results from the fall session will carry forward to the Spring and will count toward playoff standings.

RSL Qualifying Tournament - 6th Annual - SEPTEMBER 26TH - 28TH 
The sole purpose of the Qualification Tournament is to allow teams that have the intent to enter the Rising Star League an opportunity to show that they are talented enough to join the league.
  • Therefore, teams are required to pay a down payment of 50% of league fee upon registering for the tournament. If the team is offered and accepts a position into the Rising Star League, then the remainder of the fee 50% would be expected. 
  • Any team not offered a position would get the 50% down payment returned minus the $ 325 Qualification Tournament team registration.
COST:  $1475 - $325 (Tournament Fee), $1150 (%50 league fee) Please email and make your interest for the qualifying tournament and league known!

Since the Rising Stars League inception in the spring of 2007, the WMBA Board of Directors has continually tried to ensure that the there is a competitive level of play within the Rising Stars league including attracting all elite level club teams.  Therefore, the WMBA plans to host the 1st Annual Rising Stars Qualifying Tournament in September of 2009.  This tournament would serve to identify the province’s most elite teams.
The tournament will take place late September or early October in facilities across the city over the course of one weekend.  While the league hopes to have 8 teams registered for each division, adjustments will be made should there be additional or fewer teams register.  Teams will be guaranteed a minimum of 3 games.

Once the tournament has been completed, invitations to join the Rising Stars league will be presented.

1st RSL All Star weekend
This year the Rising Stars league will offer a All star event in partnership with the Basketball Manitoba Awards weekend. 
Coaches will select players from their respective teams to compete in an all star game, skill competition, and shoot out competitions. 
More information to come. 

**Rising stars athletes may not play on a WMBA Community Club team during the same season. Players are only permitted to play on one WMBA team at a time.

**The Rising Stars roster freeze deadline for Fall/Spring teams is March 15th.  Coaches must email the league office with any changes by March 15th NO EXCEPTIONS. 
Each team’s official league roster on that day will stand for the remainder of the spring Rising Stars Spring season.  In order for a player to be eligible to be added before March 15th, they must not have appeared on any other Rising Stars roster throughout the previous fall season (e.g. If a player is released from “Team A” in November, they may not be added to another team until the following fall season).  Community club players may be added to Rising Stars rosters by March 15th, providing that they do not register with any community center for the spring.

The Spring only Rising Stars Program is for boy’s teams and girl’s teams whose participants are born in 1996 and a Senior League for those 18 years old and older.
All eligible players participating in the Spring Only Rising Stars League must fit into one of the following age categories:
  • 18U Boys - Born in 1997 or later
  • 18U Girls Born in 1997 or later
  • Sr. Men - Born in 1997 or earlier
  • Sr. Women Born in 1997 earlier
During Spring, teams can expect 8 games and playoffs to be played in 6 weeks. Games are slated to be played on weeknights with two weeks of playoff games occurring in June.
The registration for the Spring Only Rising Stars teams will be $1150 per team (entire team fee must be paid with one cheque made payable to the ‘WMBA’; payment should be coordinated through the team’s coach).
Rising Stars Coaches/Independent Organizers

People interested in forming a team for the Rising Stars League should register online by clicking "register now on the front end of the website"
Teams will not be organized through Community Clubs or Districts, but rather by independent organizers within the community.
Anyone can assemble a team by providing:
  • A minimum of 8 highly skilled players (12 recommended); players’ names and information must be specified on the official roster submitted to the league. 
  • An elite level coach; coaches’ information; specified on the official roster submitted to the league.
  • One scorekeeper (and an alternate) specified on the official roster submitted to the league.
  • Practice times and locations. 
  • Practice equipment.
  • Uniforms.
  • Complete team fees and registration information – one team cheque will be required to register a team. 
  • A team representative to attend WMBA Rising Stars meetings (one meeting per season). 
The WMBA provides:
  • Game facilities and referees.
  • Insurance.
  • Game equipment. 
  • Administration services.
  • Gym supervision. 
  • Scheduling.
  • Awards. 
  • An identification camp in early September for players and coaches not already associated with a team.

August/September: Recruitment Period
October: League Play begins
January - April: Break in games 
March 15th: Roster freeze deadline
April: Spring League games begin 
Rising Stars Recruitment Code

1)    Recruitment of players during the competitive season shall be prohibited.  Any contact for the purpose of recruiting athletes or coaches from opposing teams between October 1st and June 5th is strictly prohibited.  Have respect for athletes and your fellow coaches alike.  Do not place either in positions of torn loyalties.

2)    New Players can be added to a Rising Stars roster until the WMBA Roster Freeze Deadline as long as the player will not be registered for any other team in the league (this includes Community Club).   Players who appeared on a Rising Stars roster during the Fall season, but were released from that team, may not be added to another team’s roster until the following Fall season.

3)    Recruit only for your own program and based off the merits of your program and accomplishments only.  Don't degrade opposing coaches or programs.  Cross recruiting is strictly prohibited.

4)    Allow a "cooling off" period (1 week) after a season before discussing a team change with a player.

5)    The use of individual sponsorships/scholarships or cash rewards as incentives to attract other players or coaches is considered bribery and is strictly prohibited.

6)    Have respect for fellow coaches and their programs, always show professionalism and follow the rules of the WMBA.  Interact with coaches, parents, players and administrators in the same fashion that you would want to be treated yourself.

7)    Let athletes and parents know how the player fits into your program in the short term and the long term.  REMEMBER THAT A PROMISE IS A COMMITMENT.
8) Rising stars athletes may not play on a WMBA Community Club team during the same season. Players are only permitted to play on one WMBA team at a time.

Other Notes: 
In addition, a Community Club League will also be offered for boys and girls aged 4-18 in the Fall / Winter and aged 7-18 in the Spring through WMBA Community Centres. Players not participating with a Rising Stars team are welcomed to get involved with a Community Club team in their area. Formal registration for the WMBA Community Centre Fall / Winter League will occur in September and the Spring League in March. CLICK HERE for details.
The WMBA welcomes your feedback on this and all of its leagues and programs! We hope to see you involved in the upcoming season as a player, coach or referee. Subscribe to the WMBA Net News at the left of the page to stay up to date on the latest league news.

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