RESULTS UPDATED: A special 3x3 invitational basketball tournament has been set up for Sunday August 3 at Dakota Community Centre in Winnipeg.  The tournament is invite only and will feature top level men's teams playing at the 3x3 level.  The tournament is being hosted by Team Winnipeg who recently won the Hoop It Up Winnipeg and Ontario Basketball 3x3 tournaments and is gearing up to represent Manitoba at the FIBA World Tour Qualifier in Chicago August 15-16.  The winner from the Basketball Alberta 3x3 Tournament and other Canadian World Tour Qualifier team from Saskatoon will also be participating in the event.


  • Sunday August 3rd
  • Tournament will take place in the span of one day
  • Teams will play minimum of 3 pool games
  • All teams will advance to the knockout rounds
  • Games are 10 min stop time
  • 12 second shot clock is in effect
  • Size 6 ball
  • Gear from : Canada Basketball, Basketball Manitoba, and Winnipeg Minor Basketball
  • Cash
Other details
  • Teams can be made up of up to 5 players however only 4 will receive points towards their 3x3 planet account.
  • Jerseys are recommended however not required

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This is an official FIBA 3x3, Canada Basketball, and Basketball Manitoba event.

Interested teams should email Darcy Coss at

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