By: Jeff Haefner

1. It’s 20 times harder and takes 2000 more repetitions to “fix” shooting mechanics!  Did you know that it only takes between 100 and 300 repetitions to teach a new movement?  Guess how many repetitions it takes to re-teach a movement that was taught incorrectly.

2000 to 3000 repetitions!!!

When you’re teaching a youth player shooting fundamentals, don’t you think it would be EXTREMELY important to teach them the correct shooting mechanics? I would sure hope so, because 3 or 4 years down the road, it’s going to take them a lot of time to fix the bad shooting mechanics they developed at an early age.

That’s why it’s super-important for you to learn the shooting fundamentals and constantly correct your player’s shots until they have good shooting form. Not to mention, when a player gets to higher levels and the coach doesn’t have to worry about fixing their shooting form, that saves the player and the coach SOOO much time, and they can spend it on other things to improve their overall game.

In other words, you help the coaches at higher levels become a more successful team!

2. Give your players a chance to succeed!
I can’t tell you how many players I see at the high school level with NO chance…

Their shooting form has serious flaws that are VERY difficult to correct. 9 players out of 10 don’t have the time, confidence, or will-power to break their bad habits.

I often wonder WHO coached these kids when they were young?


Teach your kids the right basketball shooting fundamentals from the get-go. It’s the right thing to do.

3. More players have poor shooting strokes and detrimental flaws today than they ever have in the past.
This is primarily because kids start playing at such an early age and they try to mimic NBA players before they are ready. The sad truth is that these bad shooting habits stick with them.
How many kids want to be like Kobe (or their favorite NBA player) and try to mimic them? They all do. You can’t blame them. But the truth is that these kids aren’t ready and shouldn’t be trying to shoot like Kobe. Now, more than ever, they need a good youth coach to teach them correct shooting form.

4. A team that shoots with great shooting fundamentals is going to win more games.
Team A shoots 33% from the field. Excluding free throws and 3-pointers, it would take them 60 shots to score 40 points (20 made baskets).
Team B shoots 40% from the field. Excluding free throws and 3-pointers, it would take them 50 shots to score 40 points (20 made baskets).

So, that means that your team could get out-rebounded and have more turnovers, yet still win in the game!
To learn more about teaching players how to shoot the ball, check out:

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