Basketball Manitoba is pleased to announce the rosters for the 2013-14 Canada Basketball Centre for Performance Program - Manitoba Region.  The program is a regional training centre designed to bring together male and female Canadian basketball athletes aged 12-15. The program targets high potential athletes and provides them with advanced level training and experiences to help them develop into an elite level basketball player.

2013-14 Canada Basketball Centre for Performance Program - Manitoba Region

Male Roster

  • Emmanuel Akot
  • Daniel Sackey
  • Wyatt Tait
  • Greg Wint
  • Redeem Kabashiki
  • Shakur Harris
  • Cole Adamson
  • Connor Kyliuk
  • Lamar Everd
  • Shemar Omar
  • Matt Fedak
  • Okoth Obeing
  • Joshua Charr
  • Emmanuel Adesida
  • Chris Alexander
  • Noah Dornn
  • Cieran O'Hara
  • Terrel Jordan
  • Marcus Foreman
  • Blake Garing
  • Luke Cardinal

  • Dan Becker - Head Coach
  • Jon Lundgren - Assistant Coach
  • Steve Tackie - Assistant Coach
  • Herve Vincent - Assistant Coach
  • Eric Sung - Apprentice Coach


  • Aina Ramos
  • Skylar Nowrang
  • Taylor Heald
  • Taylor Kleysen
  • Jasmine Fauni
  • Aimee Garland
  • Emily Tan
  • Tania Wallack
  • Niyah Becker
  • Vanessa Lee
  • Jillian Duncan
  • Debbie Nkiasi
  • Alexis Garcia
  • Sonum Sidhu
  • Cloe Ellerbrock
  • Sydney Elliot
  • Lauren Bartlett
  • Clair Signatovich
  • Emily Johnson
  • Holly Klassen
  • Herve Vincent - Head Coach
  • Amy Ogidan - Assistant Coach
  • Stacy Hawash - Assistant Coach
  • Sally Kaznica - Assistant Coach 

Male and female athletes from Manitoba are identified on an annual basis to participate in the Manitoba Region Centre for Performance training programs. The program is directed at training athletes. The program runs from September to December before pausing for the school season. There will be classroom sessions in January and February before the program wraps up in early April leading into the 15U Provincial Team spring try-outs.
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