> PB08 99 A Guide To Team Success: The Tao of Teams > Cresencio Torres > 175 > 1994

  • The Tao of Teams offers a spiritual approach to some of the practical issues of team leadership and participation. It explores the power that is within each person and challenges the individual to create the true meaning of his or her work. 

> PB07 99 Masterful Coaching: Extraordinary Results by Impacting People and the Way They Think and Work Together > Robert Hargrove > 300 > 1995

  • Learn to Coach People Masterfully and Move Them to Extraordinary Results Masterful coaching shows you how to unearth what people passionately care about, reach breakthrough goals, and implement transformational change. It will provide you with the ideas, methods, and tools that enable you to make the difference you have always wanted to make.

> PB06 99 The New Toughness Training for Sports > James Loehr > 194 > 1994 

  • Loehr (Mental Toughness Training for Sports), who has helped train athletes for sports ranging from tennis to hockey, here concentrates on the emotional element of training, pointing out that toughness has nothing to do with the reputed killer instinct or insensitivity of the athlete. Rather, he believes that toughness depends on emotional flexibility, responsiveness and strength, and demonstrates itself in an athlete's ability to perform consistently in the upper ranges of his or her skill. Loehr discusses in detail the problems of stress, innate in any competitive endeavor, and recovery from it. Striking a balance between stress and recovery, he maintains, is a constant must-win battle. The text is supplemented by self-analysis charts and questionnaires. This book should help nearly any athlete at any level. 

> PB05 99 Human Potential: Passion, Perspective, Preparation > Cal Botterill, Tom Patrick, Michelle Sawatzky > 123 > 1996 

  • Human Potential: Perspective, Passion and Preparation by Cal Botterill and Tom Patrick is a strategic look at healthy and rewarding achievements in everything from sports to the arts. Both consultants in sports psychology and performance, the authors put forth a technique for winning that embraces both competitiveness and compassion. The book also explores the importance of goal-setting, self-motivation, time management and emotional well-being, all positive contributions to personal excellence. 

> PB04 99 Perspective: The Key To Life > Cal Botterill, Tom Patrick > 91 > 2003

  • Top performers in many fields have been said to possess the capacity to view challenges in their true relative importance. In order to clarify and maintain our “perspective”, we must achieve a thorough understanding of our identity, what we value and how we want to live our life. Maintaining our perspective also requires tremendous levels of unconditional support from our peers, loved ones and friends. Perspective: The Key to Life by Cal Botterill and Tom Patrick offers lessons and insights on how we can enhance our perspective and live and perform to our full potential 

> PB03 99 Coaches Training Manual to Psyching for Sport > Terry Orlick > 96 > 1986 

  • Put your athletes on step ahead of the competition! Help them to play to their full potential and enjoy competition more. Show them how to compete int heir "right minds." In the Coaches Training Manual to Psyching for Sport, Terry Orlick presents a step-by-step approach to help you help your athletes develop psychological skills for sport competition. Designed to be used with Psyching for Sport: Mental Training for Athletes, the Coaches Training Manual to Psyching for Sport contains details instruction on how to implement and evaluate a mental training program with your team. 

> PB02 99 CREATIVE COACHING > Jerry Lynch > 209 pages > 2001

  • Are the methods you've used before no longer working?  Are you frustrated that traditional approaches produce unsatisfactory results?  No there’s a new and better way to w > ork with your athletes, team, and others on your coaching staff – one that will add to your coaching repertoire and your win totals!  Creative Coaching is a strategic handbook for addressing the challenges of coaching modern athletes and maximizing their sport performance.  Written by one of the top coaching consultants, the book presents innovative techniques that apply to a variety of situations to help you meet the challenges of your role as coach.

> PB01 99 TAKING IT TO THE LIMIT > Stan Kellner > 103 pages > 1982 

  • Basketball psychologist Stan Kellner provides this book version of his videos on his “Basketball Cybernetics” approach to the game.  Cybernetics are the connection between physical and mental preparation of the athlete.  Topics in the book include basic principles, self-awareness, steps to success, on-court basketball mental development and more.  A comprehensive look at the mental development of the game!
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