Lena Wenke (picture above on the left), was a member of the University of Winnipeg Wesmen women's basketball team member was honoured with the award founded in her name in 2018. She was recognized as the inaugural winner of the Lena Wenke Courage Award that acknowledged Lena's return to the basketball court after being the victim of a vicious assault in her Winnipeg in the spring of 2017.  The award, now referenced at the Lena Wenke Courage Award will be continued into the future to recognize others in the basketball community who have faced and overcome obstacles or challenges in their life while staying involved in the sport of basketball.


  • Lena Wenke, University of Winnipeg
  • Didi Deng, Kelvin High School
  • Matthew Marshall, Dauphin Regional School

  • Annika Goodbrandson, Lord Selkirk Regional

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