RB01 101 101 TIPS FOR YOUTH SPORTS OFFICIALS > National Association os Sports Officials > 71 pages > 1998 eng 385 0 Book 0 2006-08-03 13:23:08

  • This easy to read book is an excellent source of information on how a young referee can better handle themselves as an official.  Items covered include how to master the rulebook, how to maintain relationships, networking yourself, problem prevention, mental training, self-evaluation and more.  Suitable for all levels to develop from!
> RB03 101 HOW TO SCORE AND TIME A BASKETBALL GAME > Basketball Canada > 19 pages > 1985 eng 365 0 Book 0 2006-08-03 13:21:04

  • This booklet produced by Basketball Canada outlines the duties & responsibilities of the scorer and timer during a basketball game.  Sections include pre-game preparation, playing time, halftime procedures and sample score sheets.  A good source of information for the minor official.

> RB02 101 MINI-BASKETBALL RULES > FIBA > 28 pages > 1998 

  • This book covers the rules for the international game (FIBA) on how to properly modify them to athletes under the age of 12 years old.  The rules are laid out very simply and are illustrated to aid understanding.

RB04 101 HOW TO DEVELOP LEVEL I OFFICIALS > Basketball Canada > 30 pages > 1985 

  • This booklet covers some of the basics needed to develop a new basketball referee.  Topics include rule priorities, terminology, characteristics, handling intimidation, simplified rules, rules test and simplified mechanics.  A good starting point to learn some of the basics of being a referee!

RB05 101 THINKING BASKETBALL > Bill Topp > 67 pages > 1995 

  • This basketball referee booklet, from the editors of “Referee Magazine”, features submissions from some of the games most respected referees.  Topics include pre-game preparation, appearance, communication, fouls, the post game, mechanics, lead vs. trail, foul administration and more.  A good source of information for any level of referee.
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