> PV03 98 THE CREATIVE EDGE IN SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY > Darrell Mudra > 47 minutes > 1989 
  • Darrell Mudra covers and explains such topics as freedom, motivation, health, perception, leadership, obedience, working together and much more.  He uses many examples and illustrations to make his interesting points clear.  An effective tool for all athletes and coaches to gain that competitive edge.

> PV01 98 THE ULTIMATE SHOOTING METHOD > Stan Kellner > 46 minutes > 1990 

  • Sport psychologist / basketball coach Stan Kellner leads you through an innovative shooting technique emphasizing: mental focusing, the "feel" of the shot, and clearing of the mind while shooting.  The tape contains a great number of drills and tips on training your mind to become a better shooter in a game.  Excellent for all levels of play.

> PV02 98 BASKETBALL CYBERNETICS > Stan Kellner > 117 minutes > 1984

  • Sport psychologist Stan KelIner teaches the revolutionary inner-game techniques and drills of cybernetic training and the power of positive thinking.  Improve your game concentration, skills, motivation, aggressiveness, confidence, game relaxation and learn to be a peak performer.  This tape will be an asset to any athlete or coach.

> PV04 98 JOHN WOODEN’S PYRAMID OF SUCCESS > John Wooden > 25 minutes > 1989 

  • John Wooden’s genius for developing the talent and character of the young men who played for him has culminated in his “Pyramid of Success” philosophy.  It is the key to the winning way and individual satisfaction in life.  This is a complete motivational and educational program from the most successful coach in basketball history.  Probably the most comprehensive tool of its kind, it can be a highly useful resource ideally suited           for coaches and educators as a means of appealing to the achievement of everyone.

PV05 98 MOTIVATING YOUR PLAYERS > Dr. Thomas Tutko > 86 minutes > 1994

  • Dr. Thomas Tutko is a full professor of psychology at San Jose State University.  Since joining the SJSU faculty in 1967, Dr. Tutko has become world-renown for his work in applying motivational psychology & research to the sports field.  In addition, he is a prolific speaker presenting at lectures and workshops on motivation to both coaches and athletes.  Covered in this presentation are the negatives of school sport and how to stress the positives of basketball in life.  He explains how most positive memories of childhood are related to athletics and how powerful sport in society is.  He will teach you how to instill confidence and ambition, and how to handle loss.  The end result of sport, Tutko says is to leave a positive experience on those that are involved!
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