UDATED: The Winnipeg Team Mayhem Basketball Club  have announced details on their tryout information for the upcoming season.  The camps will run August 11-12 at the University of Winnipeg for boys and girls entering grades 4-12.  Details are...


Please click below to the Team Mayhem Fee structure information.    Mayhem Fee Structure (DOC)  


Please note that the groupings below are not neccessary reflective of the actual set up for the teams. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact


Alex Barra




Saturday August 11 and Sunday August 12, 2012

Girls and boys Grade 4/5 and Girls Grade 6/7 

  • 11:00 am - 1:00 pm University of Winnipeg - East Gym 

Boys Grade 6 and Grade 7 

  • 11:00 am - 1:00 pm University of Winnipeg - Centre Gym 

Girls Grade 8/9/10 

  • 1:15 pm - 3:15 pm University of Winnipeg - East Gym 

Boys Grade 8 and Grade 9 

  • 1:15 pm - 3:15 pm University of Winnipeg - Centre Gym 

Girls Grade 11 and Grade 12 

  • 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm University of Winnipeg - East Gym 

Boys Grade Grade 10, Grade 11, and Grade 12

  • 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm University of Winnipeg - Centre Gym 





There is an initial start up cost to cover all materials necessary when first joining the Mayhem Program.  Most of these costs will not have to be revisited for at least two years.  The equipment that you purchase is for the kids to keep.


**We will not refuse any child a position in the Mayhem Program because of financial difficulties.  We will work together with all parents/guardians to make it possible for their child(ten) to play.  We do this by offering the following:


  • Payment plans - monthly, and bi-monthly options

  • Fundraising - we offer up to five events annually where any monies raised will go directly to offset any program costs

  • Volunteering - players can work in our camps as leaders with the younger teams

  • Sponsorships - we look for personnel and corporate sponsors for any children in need

  • Kid Sport - in some cases we help with the application process to the different programs out there the can be used to subsidize some of the costs


The message that we want to send out is this; if you need help we will provide it, but it will be a joint effort with both the program and the families working together.  We do not agree that a player should be allowed to participate without paying or working with our program in the above mentioned list.  This message of taking from others without giving back is not what we at Mayhem believe will help our young people be successful later on in their adult life.





Team Mayhem Registration Fee - $450 (Due Sept.1 of every new season.  The registration fee of $450 covers your child's participation in the Mayhem Program.)


Gym Practice Fee - $225 for the year.  (This covers on average two practices a week for the year.) or (no fees required if we are fortunate to find a gym through parent group connection.0


Uniform Fee - $50 for Quality Reversible top (Mayhem and player's # on both sides of the reversible top)


$260 for Full set of Home and Away Uniforms (4 items - 2 tops and 2 shorts).  This is a one time fee unless your child outgrows their uniform.


Rising Star - $235 is the average fee based on the fee set by the WMBA and is shared evenly by the number of players participating on each team.  






  1. Team Bag plus printing $ 65

  2. Leather Basketball $ 42

  3. Practice T-shirts (Maroon and White) $ 32

  4. Track top and bottom         $ 130

  5. Shooting top                 $ 80

  6. Toques plus embroidery $ 20

  7. Sweater (includes embroidery)         $ 65


Tournament Schedule and fees


**(These fees are not included in the registration fees.)  All fees are due 4 weeks prior to any event.


Please understand that the parents of the team will decide if we go to a tournament out of town.  As long as we have 7-8 players, then we will attend the tournament.  This means that tournaments out of town are not considered a mandatory part of the program.


It is true that some families choose to make the out of town tournaments a family vacation event and this would cause their expenses to go up, but again this is not a Mayhem expense.


We offer car pooling, and sharing of hotel rooms to lower the costs of the out of town trips for players.  Again, out of town tournaments are not mandatory so we do not consider this a part of the Mayhem program fee.  This is because a child's participation in Mayhem will not be affected by their participation in any of the out of town tournaments.




  1. Minneapolis Tournament in December         $ 85- $ 100

  2. Fargo or Bismark Tournament in late March, early April $ 85- $ 100

  3. Wesmen Tournament in Winnipeg December $ 25

  4. Jr. Bison Tournament in Winnipeg in mid-April         $ 25

  5. Gr. 8 & up Provincial Tournament in Winnipeg early May $ 25

  6. Possible Minneapolis Tournament (May long weekend) $ 85 - $ 100

  7. Possible Edmonton Tournament (end of June)         $ 85 - $ 100





Exhibition games will be set up throughout the year and WILL require $3 - $5 per player to cover the costs of referees and possible gym rentals for the games.





For more information, visit http://www.winnipegteammayhem.com



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