The newly formed Athlete Initiative program has announced that it is inviting all athletes, coaches and parents to join the group for the Official Athlete Initiative launch party on Wednesday, September 19th, 8pm at the Linden Woods Community Centre.  For details...



Official Launch September, 19th

Program begins October 2012 

Athletes, Coaches and
Parents, We welcome you to join us for the Official Athlete Initiative launch
party on Wednesday, September 19th, 815pm at the Linden Woods Community Centre.


Empowering today's female
athletes to become successful at all levels through specific skills camps,
individual sessions, mentorship and leadership training.

Sports has always played an
important and integral role in our lives and for that we carry on our
experiences, good or bad, and allow that to shape us into the people we are
today, and who we want to become.


We are the complimentary
program that provides you with more opportunity to achieve your personal goals,
and whether you are just starting out or have been around the game for awhile
or an elite player looking to play at the University level, this program is for
everyone.  We host specific skills camps,
tournaments, leadership workshops, 1 on 1 individual sessions, and we also host
open gyms to scrimmage. Accessibility is what distinguishes us from other

Our intentions are genuine,
as we invest in athletes at all levels to become successful with collaborative
efforts from University level athletes and passionate coaches to help bridge
the gap between average and elite.



  • Melanie Schlicter, University of Alberta Pandas alumni

  • Michelle Foreman, University of Winnipeg Wesmen alumni

  • Alyssa Grant, University of Winnipeg Wesmen, 4th year

  • Mubo Illeboye, University of Manitoba Bison, Alumni

  • Stephanie Kleysen, University of Winnipeg Wesmen, 3rd year

  • Alli Balasko, University of Manitoba Bison, Alumni

  • Suki Chhoeun, University of Winnipeg


  • Females from all skill
    Grade 7 through 12

  • Complimentary to all elite
    athletes who also play school, club or rec.

MEMBERSHIP PLUS +: (Must sign up for a minimum of 3 months,6 months,9
months and 1 year)

Each month athletes
will receive these fantastic perks for being a member:

18 hours of open
gym/scrim time in a positive learning environment w/ past, present CIS athletes
and other Athlete Initiative members. 
This time allows the athletes to work with our coaches, scrimmage - play
and conceptually learn the game without orders, strictly facilitating and
encouragement. (If there are low numbers, athletes can put up reps and work
with coaches on skills.)

Mentor Coach

            -This gives the mentor coach and athlete access to
emailing, feedback during        play,
advice, encouragement and mentorship.

            -CIS athlete will also help athlete with learning and
(how to train) in weight room      by
yourself, as well as encourage athlete to observe CIS athlete’s team      practice.

coach will also attend athlete’s game 1-2 a month

1 a month:
Leadership training sessions on selected Sunday‘s: The athlete will learn
effective tools to become a great leader while gaining concepts to become a
better team mate and self starter. (attached is more info regarding leadership)

1 a month: Guest
Speaker Series, speakers are from diverse sporting backgrounds including (Past
NCAA Basketball, Past and Current CIS - Soccer, Volleyball, Hockey, Basketball,
National Team Basketball & Volleyball, and other impact individuals).

Jam Sessions w/
fellow members: This is an opportunity to meet new friends with the same dreams
and goals. Jam Sessions can range from pizza party’s, to old school video
nights, watching inspirational movies or past games from the NBA, WNBA, CIS and

Discount off of individual
sessions, trips and packages.


+ Wednesday nights and
Sunday afternoons


  • Ÿ        
    1 on 1 individuals with a focus of any the skills sets

  • Ÿ        
    Skills Camps

  • Ÿ        
    Open Jamboree
    events (MN Basketball road trips)

  • Ÿ        
    Drop in open
    sessions to leadership training and guest speaking series

Please contact Suki for detailed information and inquiries about program
pricing and family member discount.

Suki Chhoeun, Founder/President

Athlete Initiative

204 990-8582

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