Coaching with a Tablet? iPad, Playbook, Android?  Technology is becoming more and more a reality in coaching. Long gone are the days where technology was just watching recoded game footage for a tactical advantage. Technology is now used to monitor training intensity, volume, rest, evaluation, skill analysis, and much more.  As the technology has evolved so has its portability. Tablets now let you record an athlete performing a specific skill, break down that skill and replay it for your athlete by the time they get out of the pool and walk towards you. Instant information.  Coaching Manitoba is offering a FREE coaching seminar on April 10...






Taking tablets into the field of play/practice is a great opportunity, but what can you really do with it and which app is the best to do it with (the free one or the $10.99 one!)?



Tuesday April 10, 2012

Sport for Life Centre



Come join us as we gather a panel of tablet using coaches to share with you how and what they are using this new technology for. Chances are you will have some good information for them too!

To register for this free clinic please email Gena Cook – 

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