The Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association is pleased to announce that Darcy Coss has been named its new Executive Director effective March 3rd, 2012.  Coss began with the WMBA as the league's Program Coordinator in September 2011 and brings experience and knowledge to the position.  Coss will work with Lee Hurton, existing WMBA Executive Director over the coming months to ensure a smooth transition for the league.  Lee Hurton has held the position over the past 4 years, however will be leaving on maternity leave in mid-May 2012.



Coss commented, "I would like to thank the WMBA for the amazing opportunity I have received in being named Executive Director of the league.  Being part of the basketball scene for the past 12 years,  I look forward to the new challenges ahead and am excited about the limitless possibilities in the growth of the game through the league and the programs it offers."

To contact Darcy Coss please contact the league office at 925-5774 ext 2 or at info@wmba.ca .  Lee Hurton can also be reached at the same contact information until her departure.


More information on the WMBA can be found at http://www.wmba.ca 

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