Tavern UnitedTavern United Garden City has announced it will be hosting its first annual 3on3 tournament on August 20-21 at 2100 McPhillips Street in Winnipeg.  The event is open to any teams of up to 4 people ages 18+ at a fee of $40 a team.  The event also features a dunk and 3-point shooting competition.  For full details including a registration form and rules... 




Basketball Tournament at Tavern United Garden City

August 20 & 21, 2011


*Tuesday, Aug 16 at 6pm Registration Party at Tavern United Garden City

Download the Registration Form

Download the Release & Waiver Form

Download the Rules & Regulations

Information & Rules:

Round Robin Tournament:

Round 1 – 8 groups of 5 teams each.  Each team plays 4 times. 10 games total per group. The top 3 teams will advance. Teams to be ranked on points differential (for and against).

Round 2 – Elimination Round of 24. Elimination round. 12 winners to advance plus 4 losing teams with lowest point differential.

Round 3 – Round of 16. Elimination round. 8 winners to advance.

Round 4 – Round of 8. Quarter final round. 4 winners to advance.

Round 5 – Round of 4. Semi-final round. 2 winners to advance. 2 losing teams to play each other for 3rd place.

Round 6 – Championship Game + Consolation game


Timing – 10 min warmup, 8 mins 1st half, 4 min(half-time), 8 mins 2nd half.  

This is an open tournament and all teams are welcome, including co-ed. There is a maximum of 4 people per team. Only players aged 18 years and older are eligible to play. Team colours can be submitted at the registration party.


Registration fees:

  • $40 per team

  • $10 per person for Dunk-Off

  • $10 per person for 3-Point Shot Showdown



Saturday, Aug 20 at 11am Tournament Starts

                                   1pm 1st round 3 point shot contest

                                   3pm Championship round 3 point shot contest

                                    7:30 pm last games start (Target 64 games)

                                    8:00pm Registered teams (wristbands needed) social ; snacks provided; 2nd floor Tavern

                                    After party at Tavern

Sunday, Aug 21 at 10:30am Play resumes

                                       1:30pm 1st round slam dunk contest

                                       3:30pm Championship round slam dunk contest

                                       5:30pm Semi-final games

                                       6:00pm 3rd place game

                                       6:30pm Championship Game

                                       7:00pm Awards and Social; snacks provided; 2nd floor Tavern


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