The current Canadian Sport Policy has provided a powerful vision for the development and delivery of all levels of sport in Canada. The federal and provincial/territorial Ministers responsible for sport are asking all Canadians to have their input into its renewal in 2012 though their participation in an online survey.  Now is the time for both the public as well as the sport communities in Manitoba to help build a shared policy that reflects the sport they want in Canada.  The vision of the renewed policy will lay the foundation and goals which the partners in sport will focus over the next ten years.  For details and to complete the survey...

“This is an opportunity for all
Manitobans to voice their opinions, ideas, and concerns regarding the
future goals and direction of amateur sport in their province and
country,” said Jeff Hnatiuk President & CEO for Sport Manitoba. “We
encourage as many people as possible from across all of Manitoba to
complete the Canadian Sport Policy survey.”

The Policy challenges all stakeholders
to open and make sport accessible to every segment of our society. It
seeks to improve the sport experience of all Canadians by helping to
ensure coordinated planning and effective programming as well as
transparency within their sport system. The shared vision is to develop a
dynamic and leading-edge sport environment that enables all Canadians
to experience and enjoy their involvement in sport to the extent of
their abilities and interests.

To take the Canadian Sport Policy survey online, please go to and click on Canadian Sport Policy Survey, “How Can You Contribute?”

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