wesmen-web-2005.gifOn Friday May 20, on The University of Winnipeg's front
lawn, at the basketball courts and green corridor the Thomas Sill
Foundation Inc announced a generous donation of $75,000.00 for
UWinnipeg's Community Athletic Programming making it the first major gift towards this program. This donation puts emphasis on inner city soccer and inner city basketball programming.

“This generous donation is a direct commitment to the University's
Community Athletic program,” said Dr. Lloyd Axworthy UWinnipeg President
and Vice-Chancellor. “Our location in the inner-city which makes us
natural partners for our neighbors and the community-at-large. We
believe youth involved in organized sports develops a sense of belonging
and builds confidence that often translates into a desire and drive to
pursue a post-secondary education. The University remains committed to
developing plans to expand athletic programs and facilities on campus.
Sports facilitate access for these students and help us close the
graduation gap.”

"Winnipeg's future depends on being able to integrate inner-city youth,
regardless of background and socio-economic status into the Winnipeg
community,” expressed Ken Grower, Thomas Sill Foundation Governor and
Vice President. “This Program allows children and young adults in the
core area to break away from the cycle of poverty and to dream big. With
this program they are likely to become the first in their family to
complete a university degree and be mentors and leaders within their

Thomas Sill Foundation

The Thomas Sill Foundation provides grants throughout Manitoba, and has
been a strong supporter of the University. The Thomas Sill Foundation is
a one of Manitoba's leading foundations. The foundation provides
encouragement and financial support to qualified Manitoba organizations
striving to improve the quality of life in the province. For more info
on the Thomas Sill Foundation, visit www.thomassillfoundation.com.

Growing Community Athletics

UWinnipeg has a strong commitment to broaden athletic and community
programs. Currently the Community Athletics program has over 100
participants with that number expected to triple over the next two
years. This initiative reinforces the University's role as a leader in
developing community, inner-city and competitive athletics. Men and
Women Wesmen teams are known across Canada and have made a significant
mark as champions in volleyball
and basketball, and soon soccer, as the teams will compete in the CIS
Soccer League beginning in 2012. Programs for both baseball and
wrestling are currently in development.


Souce: http://www.uwinnipeg.ca/index/uw-news-action/story.581/title.donation-assists-youth-to-play-towards-an-education-

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