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Canadian Interuniversity Sport



University Women's Game Results

Carleton Ravens 62  Winnipeg Wesmen 59 [CIS Central Regional Semi-Finals at Carleton University in Ottawa]

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Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference



MCAC College Men's Game Results

Championship games postponed to Saturday due to inclement weather. 

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MCAC College Women's Game Results

Championship games postponed to Saturday due to inclement weather. 

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Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association


Varsity Boy's Game Results

AAAA Varsity Boys Regionals at Sisler High School

Daniel Mac 85 Miles Mac 66

Kelvin 94 Vincent Massey (Brandon) 46

Dakota 82 MBCI  64

Kildonan East 75 Sisler 70

Saturday Games at Sisler High School

12:00  Garden City  Vs  Daniel Mac

2:00    St. Pauls Vs Kelvin

4:00    Oak Park Vs Dakota

6:00    Sturgeon Heights Vs Kildonan East

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MHSAA Basketball


Varsity Girl's Game Results

AAAA Varsity Girls Regionals at Crocus Plains (Brandon)

Westwood 63 Dakota 57 

St. Mary's 52 Vincent Massey (Brandon) 34

Vincent Massey (Winnipeg) 55 Sisler 44

Fort Richmond 70 Garden Valley (Winkler) 50

Saturday Games at Crocus Plains (Brandon)

12:00    River East  Vs  Westwood

2:00     Glenlawn  Vs  St. Mary's

4:00     Oak Park  Vs  Fort Richmond

6:00     Crocus Plains  Vs  Vincent Massey (Winnipeg)

  • AAAA Girls - March 13-21, Crocus Plains & Univ of Winnipeg, Brandon & Winnipeg


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    MHSAA Basketball

    Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association



    Junior Varsity Boy's Game Results

    JV Urban Boys Basketball Provincials

    Garden City 71 St. Paul's  68

    Glenlawn 78 Oak Park 64

    John Taylor 71 Sisler 68

    Kelvin 69 Fort Richmond  64 

    JV Rural Boys Basketball Provincials

    Steinbach Christian 72 Carberry 53

    Garden Valley 77 St. Laurent 57

    Ross L. Gray 82 R.D. Parker 37

    Dauphin 78 Minnedosa 48

    Semi-final #1: Garden Valley 72 Steinbach Christian 56

    Semi-final #2: Ross L. Gray 93 Dauphin 70

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    MHSAA Basketball


    Junior Varsity Girl's Game Results

    Junior Varsity Girls Urban Basketball Provincials


    Oak Park 62 Fort Richmond 44 [Urban Girls Provincials - Quarter-Final]

    JH Bruns 54 Miles Macdonell 39 [Urban Girls Provincials - Quarter-Final]

    John Taylor 77 Linden Christian 55 [Urban Girls Provincials - Quarter-Final]

    Westwood 56 Garden City 52 [Urban Girls Provincials - Quarter-Final]

    Westwood 61 Sisler 52 [Urban Girls Provincials - Opening Round]

    Linden Christian 59 Selkirk 54 [Urban Girls Provincials - Opening Round]

     Junior Varsity Girls Urban - March 10-12 & 15, Garden City Collegiate & University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg

    Junior Varsity Girls Rural Basketball  Provincials

    Grandview 57 Warren 34

    Boissevain 62 Sanford 34

    Virden 85 Margaret Barbour (The Pas) 39

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    MHSAA Basketball




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    • Junior (Jr) = Grades 6-8

    • WMBA = Winnipeg Minor Basketball (Community Club)

    • RSL = Rising Stars League (WMBA operated)

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    • RCBL = River City Basketball League

    • WAAY = Winnipeg Athletic Association for Youth

    • PBA = Philippine Basketball Association 

    • UMBL = University of Manitoba Basketball League (18+ Adult)

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    • WSWBL = Winnipeg Senior Women's Basketball League (18+ Adult)

    • MWSA = Manitoba Wheelchair Sport Association


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