The Bobcats men’s basketball team will host a two-day camp skills camp for youth aged seven to 18 aimed at helping youth improve basketball fundamentals in shooting and the basics of how to play offense.  The camp will be led by Bobcats coach Gil Cheung and feature instruction from athletes Isaiah James, Kyle Vince, Jordan Reaves and Nathan Grant.  For details...

“One of the initiatives of our team is to give back to the community,” says coach Cheung. “This is an excellent way for youth in our area to interact with the Bobcats in a fun way while learning about the game of basketball at the same time.”

The camp will be held in the Brandon University Gymnasium on November 14 & 28 from 8:30 am to 10:00 am.

Registration for the camp is $15 per session for each participant, or $25 for both days. Registrations will be taken prior to the start of each session.

For more information on Brandon University Bobcats Athletics, please visit or call (204) 727-7375.
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