The Team Edge Basketball Club have announced details on its tryouts for the 13U Bantam Girls born in 1997 for August 21 & 22 from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm and for its Grade 5-6 Girls Team on August 21 & 22 from 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm at St. John's Ravenscourt School 400 South Drive.  For details...




We are pleased to
have been selected as the exclusive Manitoba providers of Phase 1
Skills Development and Training program founded by Coach
Wayne Dawkins of Toronto, Ontario. As an affiliate of the Phase 1
program all Edge teams will participate in the "Rumble
in the T.Dot
" at the Air Canada Centre in June of each year. This
gives Edge participants a unique opportunity to showcase their skills
against other Phase 1 teams in front of 5000 plus fans, scouts, and

In attendance at this year's tryouts will be Coach Dawkins and his
team of trainers. Together with the Edge coaching staff, Coach Dawkins
team will evaluate the prospects attending the camp and collectively the
coaches will put them through aspects of the Phase 1 program.

The Edge Phase 1 Team is committed to collaborative skill development
training that has been proven successful over 10 years. By abiding by
the Positive
Coaching Alliance
model while employing the latest training
techniques, technology, sport injury prevention methods, and community
building activities will place Edge Basketball at the cutting edge of
enhanced skill development, athletic responsibility, and consequently
delivering a fulfilling and rewarding experience for all participants.

If you think you have the EDGE come to the Team Edge tryouts. We
believe in absolute transparency in all club costs and activities and
therefore the cost to tryout is free. At Team Edge our first priority is
player development. If you plan on attending the tryout please
pre-register with Coach Bill Nelson at

Here are what athletes, coaches, and parents have to say about Phase 1
Training and Development:

“I have been fortunate to witness basketball
development and training around the globe and it is clear to me we have a
gem in our own community. Wayne Dawkins is not only a trusted friend
and a character individual, but an incredibly gifted teacher of
basketball skills. His passion for the art of training is unmatched and
his continues effort to seek out new knowledge and learning is what
separates him. He is one of the best period who is effective at
developing talent at all ages and skill levels.”

Roy Rana - Head Coach Canadian Cadet National Team and Head
Coach Ryerson University

“Working with Wayne has helped me completely expand my
skill set as a player. But Wayne’s drills didn’t just strengthen my
skills, it strengthened my understanding of the game.”

Chanel Harris - Kent State U.

“The best part about working with Dawkins is that he
evolves with the game. The things he taught me ten years ago aren’t the
same things he teaches me today. And he’s a gym rat, always working on
something with someone. He demands that all the movements and techniques
he teaches you are precise, but he’s right there with you through
everything working just as hard or harder than you are.”

Jermaine Anderson - Fordam University, Canadian Sr. Men's
National Team, Professional Basketball Player

“Working with Wayne Dawkins of PHASE 1 has to be one
of the best basketball development decisions my daughter Noelle made to
further develop her basketball skills. Anyone who knows Wayne knows that
you better be serious about working hard and developing or he will tell
you straight out that you are in the wrong place. If you are serious
about growing and developing as a basketball player then Wayne is your
person. He is always learning himself and continually brings new ideas,
concepts and techniques forward so that whether you are with him for one
year of several – like us – you are always learning and improving.
Every minute working with Wayne has been worth it!!! Like he said to us
when we first joined him, come try it out and see what you think – we
have NEVER looked back and are still with him today, four years later!
Wayne isn't only an AWESOME coach, he is a great all around person!
Thanks for everything Wayne!”

Genevieve Zletni (Mom of Noelle – Niagara
University, USA

“Canadian players need someone to breakdown their
game; footwork, shooting, ball handling, everything. Wayne takes time to
do all of that, and then players begin to understand and better their

Kevin Messiah - University Wisconsin Milwaukee

“Wayne’s training sessions are great because they
focus more on developing players with the skills they need to succeed.
He has played a big role in making me the player I’ve become today. “

Kyle Johnson - Long Island U.

“Coach Dawkins has tremendously helped me increase
many aspects of my game. The shooting, ball handling, and footwork
drills began to show almost immediately, and with that other areas of my
game also improved. He consistently pushes me to my limit and beyond.
If there ever was a lock to success, Coach definitely has the keys!”

Kevin Francis - Cleveland State University, Professional
Basketball Player

“Dawkins knows how to give your game a professional
feeling. He teaches you pro moves that helps to boost your confidence
any competition. He really knows how to fine tune your game and is one
of the few coaches that know as many serious drills without the
basketball as he does with a ball.”

Chris Blackwood - Concordia U.

“As Head Coach of the Toronto BJCC basketball Club I
involved Wayne Dawkins and Phase 1 in our team skill development program
which included ball handling, shooting and one on one play. His work
with our players was excellent resulting in immediate improvement.
Furthermore, at least 5 of our players followed up with individual
sessions to work on their “game”, and the results showed in their
individual play, and spilled over into improved team contributions. I
highly recommend Coach Dawkins.”

Allon Bross Head Coach, Toronto BJCC Basketball Club,
Juvenile AAA

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