River College is pleased to announce Heather Booy as the new head
coach for the women’s basketball team. Booy was the assistant coach for
the Rebels alongside Cheryl Jean-Paul in their 2007-2008 and 2008-2009
seasons. She has coached in the Todd MacCulloch Hoop School program and is trained in the NCCP Introduction to
Competition system.  Heather is also currently Basketball Manitoba's Program Coordinator and has been since 2007.

“I am excited to take on this role and continue developing the women’s basketball program at Red River. We have worked hard over the last few years to build a strong program and I look forward to expanding on the changes we have made and to continue building a strong basketball program.”

Booy graduated from Providence College where she was named American All-Region at Nationals in Oklahoma and team MVP. She graduated with a degree in Recreation Leadership in 2007 and has been working as the Program Administrator for Basketball Manitoba since.


For more information, please visit the Red River College Athletics website

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