The Manitoba Basketball Coaches Association (MBCA)today announced at the All-Manitoba Banquet those honored as All-Manitobans, Players of the Year, Coaches of the Year, Carl Ridd,Mike Spack and Jim Bulloch Awards along with special recognition and service awards. Those honored for an outstanding basketball season were...






2010 Manitoba Basketball Coaches Association Awards

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The MBCA proudly presents the All-Manitoba Teams, Players of the Year,Coaches of the Year, Special Recognition Awards and Coaching Service Awards to those who have excelled on the basketball court at the high school level this past season.




AAAA AWARDS                                   

Male Player of the Year:        

  • Phillip Labongo - Dakota 

Male All-Manitoba Team:        

  • Keith Omoerah – Grant Park

  • Marko Milosevic – Garden City

  • Elliot Taylor – Oak Park

  • Tanner Draward - St. Paul's

  • David Kohler – Oak Park

Female Player of the Year:

  • Stephanie Kleysen – Vincent Massey Winnipeg

Female All-Manitoba Team:        

  • Ashleigh Chichlowski - Vincent Massey Winnipeg

  • Sierra Bubb – Oak Park

  • Shawna Solarchuk – Oak Park

  • Tia Coulter – Crocus Plains

  • Lauren Anderson - Westwood 

Male AAAA Coach of the Year:

  • Randy Kusano - Oak Park

Female AAAA Coach of the Year:

  • Deb May - St. Mary’s Academy

Coach of the Year – Open Category:         

  • Suk Singh - Red River College



The Carl Ridd Award annually recognizes one graduating male and one graduating female basketball player who excels on the basketball court,in the classroom and is heavily involved in the community.


Male Carl Ridd Award: 

  • Rheal Boileau - Ross L. Gray School

Female Carl Ridd Award:         

  • Stephanie Kleysen - Vincent Massey Winnipeg



The Basketball Manitoba Bursary Award is presented annually to an athlete(s) who excelled on and off the court and pursuing a post-secondary education next year.



MBCA Bursary Award Recipients

  • Holly Goossen - MBCI

  • Cody Hearn - Warren Collegiate



A Male Player of the Year:        

  • Carson Rogers - Glenboro

AA Male Player of the Year:        

  • Zach Beazley - Killarney

AAA Male Player of the Year:      

  • Jacob Miller - Westgate

A Female Player of the Year:     

  • Jolene Godard - Treherne

AA Female Player of the Year:     

  • Carrera Lamoureux - The King's School

AAA Female Player of the Year:     

  • Yael Kaplan - Gray Academy


A/AA/AAA Male All-Manitoba Teams:

1st Team:  

  • Jacob Miller - Westgate

  • Kirby Sinclair - Neelin

  • Jordan Gauthier - Windsor Park

  • Eric Fong - St. Johns Ravenscourt

  • Carson Rogers - Glenboro

2nd Team    

  • Matt Mrozek - Nelson Mac

  • Zach Beazley - Killarney

  • Matt Warren - Neelin

  • Gilbert St. Marie - Ste. Anne

  • Hayden Glor - Linden Christian


A/AA/AAA Female All-Manitoba Teams:

1st Team    

  • Alex Warburton - Sanford

  • Natalie Forsyth - Boissevain

  • Brynna Walker - Souris

  • Kenesha Giles - U of Winnipeg Collegiate

  • Madison Urschatz - Boissevain

2nd Team    

  • Raven Boulanger - U of Winnipeg Collegiate

  • Krista Czarnecki - Grandview

  • Elena Rempel - Niverville

  • Tracy Troxler - Goose Lake

  • Brooke Huculak - Elton    


AAA Male Coach of the Year:       

  • Duane Whyte - Swan Valley Regional

AAA Female Coach of the Year:

  • JoAnne Wells - U of W Collegiate

AA Male Coach of the Year:

  • Terry Beazley – Killarney School

AA Female Coach of the Year:

  • Keith Forsyth - Boissevain

A Male Coach of the Year:        

  • Ryan Diehl - Glenboro

A Female Coach of the Year:

  • David Matskiw - Treherne



Urban Male Coach of the Year:        

  • Don Lamont – Kelvin High School

Rural Male Coach of the Year:

  • Don Marlow & Jim Howatt - Margaret Barbour Collegiate, The Pas

Urban Female Coach of the Year:    

  • Megan Johnson / Arlyn Filewich / Chiranjit Goswami – Fort Richmond Collegiate

Rural Female Coach of the Year:

  • Jackie Willis & Kelli Sinnock - Sanford Collegiate



Male Coach of the Year:  

  • Ralph Backe & Neil Blanca - Sargent Park

Female Coach of the Year:    

  • Larry Marquardson & Lenin Mangaron - Sargent Park



The Jim Bulloch Award annually recognizes a basketball coach(es) with financial support to allow them to upgrade his or her knowledge and expertise in basketball which will directly impact on player and program development (i.e. sponsorship to a major coaching clinic outside of Manitoba).


Male Recipient:                    

  • Matt Opalko - MBCI

Female Recipient:                

  • Naomi Langelotz - Westgate




The Mike Spack Award annually recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to the growth and development of basketball in Manitoba over a sustained period of time.



Mike Spack Award Recipient:

  • Randy Kusano – Oak Park High School

MBCA Special Award

  • Kirby Schepp – University of Manitoba


MBCA Service Awards

  • 25 Years:   Rick Symonds - Elmwood

  • 20 Years:   Doug McGregor - Glenlawn

  • 20 Years:   Bob Reid - Churchill

  • 15 Years:   Terry Beazley - Killarney

  • 15 Years:   Keith Forsythe - Boissevain


Game Results from 2010 Manitoba Basketball Coaches Association All-Star Games from St. Paul's High School.

A AA AAA Girls: South 67 North 60.

  • Leading scorers - Madison Ursahatz 12 for Team South. Yael Kaplan 13 for Team North

A AA AAA Boys: North 70 South 67.

  • Leading scorers - Zach Beazley 11 for Team South. Eric Fong 18 for Team North

AAAA Girls: Team White 59 Team Dark 56.

  • Leading scorers - Robin Eyer with 14 Team Light, Sierra Bubb 11 points for Team Dark

AAAA Boys: Team Dark 121 Team Light 98.

  • Leading scorers - Caelin Reid 12 for Team Light. Marko Milosevic 24 for Team Dark.




About the MBCA

We are an extremely active organization which...

  • organizes coaches clinics and seminars

  • organizes the Graduating All-Star Games and Banquet held traditionally in April

  • names the All-Manitoba Girls and Boys Teams

  • presents the Carl Ridd Award (to outstanding student athletes) the Mike Spack Award (for outstanding service to basketball) and the Jim Bulloch Coaching Award (scholarship) & Special Recognition Awards

  • presents the Coach of the Year Awards A, AA, AAA, AAAA, Junior Varsity and Junior High categories.

  • names the Player of the Year in A, AA, AAA and AAAA categories presents the WMBA Coach/Volunteer Award

MBCA's Mandate:

To coordinate the provision of coaching initiatives and innovations,promote coaching for all Manitobans, advocate on behalf of coaches andcoaching, and ensure the delivery of NCCP in Manitoba.

The MBCA is dedicated to:

  1. The development of basketball and basketball coaches in Manitoba

  2. Providing a unified voice for coaches that have a positive influence on basketball.

  3. Recognizing the hard work of coaches and players throughout Manitoba.
For more information on the MBCA check out our Frequently Asked Questions

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