Canadian Mennonite University have announced details on it summer basketball camp program.  The August camps are open to players ages 8-17, broken into 3 different age groups.  For full details including a registration form...


CMU Blazers Summer Sports Camps are focused on refining
your athletic ability and developing your knowledge of the game. As a
Christian University, our knowledgeable coaching staff are committed to
helping young athletes build leadership skills, self-esteem, confidence,
sportsmanship, and a positive attitude.

to download the Info Card.

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(Boys and Girls Multi-Sport)

August 9-13 Grades 3-5 (Ages 8-11)

Monday to Friday, 9am – 4pm, $179 (lunches included*)

*Nutritious lunches are provided for our full-day
All-Star Campers in our University Dining Hall.

Stay active this summer by registering for our full-day All-Star
Camp. Our energetic coaching staff of CMU varsity athletes will
encourage all our little all-stars to be “the best you can be”,
patiently teaching the fundamental skills of volleyball, soccer and
basketball, within a supportive environment that encourages
participation, teamwork, sportsmanship and fun. Afternoons will feature
an opportunity for you to take your talents to the court and field in
our mini-games.


August 16–20
Grades 6-9 (Ages 11-14)

Monday to Friday, 1pm – 4pm, $99

Think you got game? Our qualified university coaches will help you
develop your overall basketball abilities; coaching you in advanced
drills used by CMU’s university-level basketball players to improve your
balance, footwork, ball-handling, shooting, passing and rebounding. We
will also guide you in the skills that you will need to succeed in your
life, as a player and as a person. Retired NBA player Bill Bradley once
said, “Leadership is unlocking a person’s potential to become better.”
It is our goal to unlock your potential and to make you and your
teammates the best you can be.  


August 23 – 27
Grades 9-12 (Ages 13-17)

Basketball - Monday to Friday, 1pm – 4pm,

Transform your game with our high-performance Elite Basketball Camps.

What does it take to be successful in sport? Of course it takes ability.
Our coaching staff featuring former university and national team
members will help you refine your technical skills, and equip you with
tools that can improve your game. It also takes commitment, dedication,
mental preparation, a strong work-ethic, focus, and the ability to win
graciously and accept defeat. These are the intangible quality that
separate athletes and teammates from GREAT athletes and teammates.


At CMU Elite Camps, a unique emphasis is placed these pieces. Short
seminars and exercises focused on the development of these important
characteristics of successful athletes will help you unlock your full

Additional Activities Include

  • • Skill Circuits

  • • Strength and Conditioning Training

  • • Health and Nutrition for Athletes

  • • Sport Psychology Exercises – “Unlocking Your Potential”

to download the Info Card.

for the Registration Form.

For registration forms and more information on our camps, visit
our website at


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