Basketball Manitoba would like to thank all the 380 coaches and the presenting coaches who attended the first annual Basketball Manitoba Super Coaches Clinic which ran October 23-24 at the University of Winnipeg Duckworth Centre!  The event attracted the largest crowd of basketball coaches to a clinic in Manitoba History!  It also holds the distinction of the largest sport specific coaches clinic in Manitoba history (according to Coaching Manitoba).  A record 380 basketball coaches from all levels of the game attended the sessions from all corners of the province.  A total of 14 different sessions were offered ranging from the basic individual fundamentals of the sport through to different team offenses and defenses plus sessions on physical training and rule interpretations. Special congratulations to Patrick Kerr of Winnipeg who was the winner of the grand prize trip to Las Vegas for the 2010 Nike Championship Coaches Clinic next spring!  The stronger partnerships forged with the University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg and the Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association with this coaching venture will only make the sport stronger at all levels in Manitoba!  


The clinic comes as a result of a new partnership with Basketball
Manitoba, the University of Winnipeg, University of Manitoba and the
Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association (WMBA) to offer a top-notch
basketball coaching experience to Manitobans.  The clinic coincides
with the province-wide school in-service (SAG) on the Friday and the WMBA
paused all league games over the weekend and paid for every one of
its coaches to attend the event.  The coaches in attendance are
represented teams from all levels of the game – right from 5 years old
community club through school basketball to the university level.

We would also like to thank all the on-court demonstrators from the CP / RTC programs for their time working with the different presenters over the weekend...


Super Coaches Clinic Demonstrators with the Timberwolves Coaches and Basketball MB reps


Pictured with the below listed demonstrators is Steve Brown and Matt Bare from the Minnesota Timberwolves and Adam Wedlake and Joe DiCurzio of Basketball Manitoba

Amarjit Basi Jordan Kelly
Brittany Koop Kerri Kuzbyt
Carina Sosnowski Kristjan Lamont
Eben Rawluck Megan Hawryluk
Ella Greer Nathan Warburton
Elyce Molyneaux Olivia Michalczuk
Emily Mann Patrick Mart
Emily Wankling Rodel Aaron
Isabella Selk Taneesha Greaves
Jodene Kowalchuk

The Grand Prize winner of the trip to Las Vegas in the spring of 2010 was Patrick Kerr of Winnipeg!  He will be atteending the 2010 Nike Championship Coaches which is condsidered the premier basketball coaches clinic in the world!  Patrick is pictured below with Basketball Manitoba Executive Director formally receiving his prize.  


Adam Wedlake with Grand Prize Winner Patrick Kerr

Manitoba also hosted a special player’s camp this weekend in
partnership with the Minnesota Timberwolves and their community
development coach Steve Brown.  The camp occurred Friday and Saturday
at Tec Voc High School (1555 Wall Street) and attracted 100 young
players from the greater Winnipeg area.  The camp offered 6 hours
of court time over the 2 days to the boys and girls in grades 5-7. 
Full details on the camp can be found at

Manitoba’s Executive Director, Adam Wedlake commented...

“The response we
have received to the clinic and camp was amazing!  The real winners of the
weekend will be the nearly 5000 kids that these coaches represent!  These coaches now return to their programs with new ideas and information to provide the best coaching leadership possible!  We are very
excited to partner with the U of W, U of M, Minnesota Timberwolves and
the WMBA to kick-off the basketball season in style!”

Full details on the clinic can be found at

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