The North American Basketball Association (NABA) WINNIPEG Delegation,
which consists of SEVEN Winnipeg based teams, is asking for your
support in the goal to fundraise enough money to travel to Scarborough,
Ontario, as they compete in the upcoming Annual NABA Tournament over
the September Long Weekend.  NABA is a non-profit organization that
coordinates an annual basketball tournament for athletes of Filipino
ancestry.  It is supported by volunteers from various cities throughout
the northeast regions of America (U.S.A. and Canada).  An annual
tournament is held during the Labour Day Weekend alternately in the
U.S.A. and in Canada.  To help our Winnipeg teams out, we are hoping
you can gather your teams together for one (or two) weekends -
depending on the age of your teams - and register to compete in our
Fundraising Basketball Tournament(s). The tournaments are open to 11U Coed, 13U Boys, 15U Boys, 17U Boys and an Open Ladies division.  The details are as follows...





TYKES (11U) & PEEWEE (13U) Divisions

  • Friday, August 14th – Sunday, August 16th, 2009

  • Venues – TBA

  • Registration Fees:

  • Tykes (11U) $250.00

  • PeeWee (13U) $250.00

  • Deadline to Register – July 31st, 2009

BANTAM (15U), JUNIOR (17U) & LADIES OPEN Divisions

  • Friday, August 21st – Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

  • Venues – TBA

  • Registration Fees:

  • Bantam (15U) $275.00

  • Junior (17U) $275.00

  • Ladies Open $300.00

  • Deadline to Register – August 7th, 2009

For details, Please contact one of us TODAY!!!

  • Shirley Blanca   204-880-0086 or          

  • Rizza Valera      204-293-7678 or          

  • Michael Tan       204-296-6088 or 


August 2009


1)    All teams will be guaranteed a minimum of 3 scheduled games.

2)    Regulation FIBA rules will be followed with the following exceptions:

  • All games will consist of two 20 minute running-time halves with a 5 minute warm-up and a 5 minute half time. In the 2nd half, last 2 minutes stop-time unless otherwise if the point spread is greater than 20 points, running-time. All time outs stop-time.

  • There will be two 30 second time outs per half with no carry over.

  • Overtimes will be 2 minutes in length with regular clock operations.  The clock stops on all dead balls.  1 time out only for overtime (no matter how many periods)

  • 5 minute grace period will be given if a team does not have 5 players to start the game.  After this grace period, a win by default will be awarded.

  • Gym venues will not provide any balls.

  • Tykes, PeeWee & Ladies Division will use a Size 6 (27.5)) Ball

  • All other divisions will use a Size 7 (29.5) Ball

  • Tiebreaking procedure to determine placing is as follows: 

  • 1st tie breaker – head to head results involving all teams tied

  • 2nd tie breaker - point differential system involving only teams tied.  Margin of victory for games between the tied teams is a max of 15 points per game.

  • 3rd tiebreaker – same point differential system involving all teams in the pool.

  • 4th tiebreaker – coin flips

3)    Players may play on only 1 team in the entire tournament.  All players must be under the age specified BEFORE SEPTEMBER 4th, 2009.

4)    The roster you list on the game sheet of your first game is your OFFICIAL ROSTER FOR THE WHOLE TOURNAMENT.  No additions will be allowed after the start of that game.  Make sure to list any player who, for any reason, is not playing the first game, but intends to play any of the games over the tournament

5)    All games will be officiated by certified officials

6)    Violence will not be tolerated.  Violence or fighting will automatically result in the player or coach being disqualified from the entire tournament.  Depending on the situation, the officials, along with the tournament committee will decide if the game will continue or if the game will end at the score currently posted.

7)    Anyone who is assessed the following shall be ejected from the entire tournament:

  • a)    Two direct technical fouls

  • b)    One intentional technical foul with one direct technical foul

  • c)    Three indirect technical fouls

  • d)    Two indirect technical fouls with one direct technical foul

  • e)    Two indirect technical fouls with one intentional technical foul

  • f)    Any flagrant foul

8)    Both teams will supply a game ball to the officials who will choose one of the two as the official game ball.


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