The University of Manitoba and the Junior Bison program are committed
to supporting basketball in our community and will be hosting a
boys tournament this spring. We are welcoming teams from within and out of
the province, to come participate in an action packed weekend of
competitive basketball. Details are...


Where: The University of Manitoba, Investors Group Athletic Center, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Cost: $275 (Boys Divisions only)

Age / Level (as of Dec. 31st)

  • Grade 5 (11 & under) 98 birthdate

  • Grade 6 (12 & under) 97 birthdate

  • Grade 7 (13 & under) 96 birthdate

  • Grade 8 (14 & under) 95 birthdate

  • Grade 9 (15 & under ) 94 birthdate

  • Grade 10 (16 & under) 93 birthdate

  • Grade 11 (17 & under) 92 birthdate

  • Grade 12 (18 & under) 91 birthdate

There will be hotel specials for out of town teams.

Coaches night out at Garbonzo's pizza. This is an opportunity for coaches to mingle over a few pizza's, wings, and some beverages Saturday evening. Free of charge!

Each team will be guaranteed a minimum of three games in their respective division. Team registration is based on a first come first serve basis.. Deadline for entry is April 7th. Tournament fills quickly.. You will not be considered registered until fees and forms are received. There will be a maximum of 8 teams in each age bracket.

Games will be 8 minute quarters (stop time), 1 timeout in 1st half, 2 in second half, 1 in OT (if necessary). No timeouts carry over. OT will be 3 minutes in length. There is “0” tolerance for abuse of any kind in our tournament. Automatic team or individual disqualification will take place if necessary!

For more info, please contact Frank Rosenfelt at
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