The Coaching Manitoba Excellence Awards aim to recognize and
celebrate the outstanding achievements and significant contributions
coaches have made to their athletes and their sport through coaching.
The selection of recipients is based on their unique contribution to
sport through the continued development of their athletes. The award
does not reflect the accomplishments and contributions of a coach in
any one-year; rather, the awards are designed to acknowledge the
contributions a coach has made to his/her sport and athletes over a
number of years.  Deadline to make a submission is Monday February 16, 2009.  For details...



The Excellence Awards have
three categories. The category refers to the type of athlete the coach
is primarily responsible for, with the exception of the School System
category, which refers to a coach who is a paid employee of a school.

Nomination Deadline: February 16th, 2009

New - Submit Nominations Online

To submit your nomination online please follow the links below. You
may also print off a nomination form and mail/fax. Please find the
print option included in the category descriptions below.

Download General Nomination Information Package (guidelines, tips, etc.): click here

Major Awards Categories - Submit Online Nomination click here

Years of Service - Submit Online Nomination click here

International Coach - Submit Online Nomination click here


  • Grassroots Athletes - Vince Leah Award

    Individuals who coach grassroots athletes of any age. The coaching
    environment at this level is primarily non-competitive, with an
    emphasis on participation and having fun.

  • Developmental Athletes - Dr. Jack Hunt Award

    Coaches who are responsible for athletes developing competitive skills
    and preparing for competition at higher levels (i.e. regional,
    provincial, university, or Canada Games).

  • High Performance Athletes - Peter Williamson Award

    Coaches who primarily work with athletes that compete at the national or international level.

  • School System Athletes - Peter Dick Award

    These coaches are paid employees of a school (i.e. teacher, guidance
    counselor, principal) who coach as an extra-curricular activity. This
    award is open to those individuals who coach at all grade levels from
    elementary through middle years and high school.

Download General Nomination Information Package (guidelines, tips, etc,) click here

Download Major Award Nomination form click here


  • Years of Service Recognition

    who have dedicated a minimum of 30 years to coaching at any level. To
    be recognized for this award, the coach must be nominated through their
    Provincial Sport Governing Body.

  • International Coach Recognition

    coaches who have coached at International Events in 2008. The coach
    must have coached an International Event, in Canada or overseas.

Download General Nomination Information Package (guidelines, tips, etc,) click here

Download Years of Service Recognition Nomination form click here

Download International Coach Nomination form click here


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